Thursday, December 24, 2009

one time

im bored . bila nak dpt lesen ni? cant wait to goofing around , yet i really wanna go and watch cool movies but i dnt hve trnsport to go.i do hve frens tht own a car but i dunt feel like guin out with them haha no offense except aqila.(i miss hgingout with you).oh and now my heads are driving me nuts .not in the mood at all. the preview blog i mentioned bout duin after spm list but honestly i still didnt make it all true. kinda lazy . err idk. mybe when i hve the 'mood' to do it.ill do it . oh last 2 days it was fana's birthday .we went to klcc to suprised her . her boyfriend gave her a flower and a cake how sweet is tht aite? im happy for her. she's my bff thou :) . err i miss hangout with my babes loh . humm. later ill call them . rinduuu gila . oh prom baru je lepas ,its okay la thou lots of crazy things happend, i can say tht it was a failure but at the sme time agak happening jgk. so i do hve fun plus tired. the next morning i cnt even stand up on my own . the pain was all over my body. but nw its all gone. thnks bout licence, im waiting fr the computer test but its rescedule many times .according to uncle they are too many pple taking the test so they hve a slight probs . but its okay, i can wait . i just finished 500 ques, kinda proud HEHE.hummm you wanna noe wht i wanna do rite now? i feel like guin ice skating ! yeahhhh~ tht would be one hell good idea aite ? but i dn hve trnsport and yeah lack of money. geez, damnn bila nak dapt lesen nii . well i guess thts all fr today .

Monday, December 14, 2009

end of school year :)

HEHEHEHE. i am no longer a school kid anymore baby :) yes, i am growing up now . say goodbye to spm ! free from school. dn hve to wakeup at 6 anymore, no need to wear uniform, no need to bring backpack, no need to beratur like hell. hahahahaha OMG this is cool :') .so im the process to do my 'after spm list' HAHA. driving licence here i come ! jeng2:) i was thinking to get a job but i got this probs where im too lazy to do work. haha. aaa i figured it out soon. :) oh did i tell u tht im a bbysitter ! damn, i never thot tht being a bbysitter would be so tiring~ so basically tht's my job i guess, well tht's all fr now .

Friday, November 20, 2009


alio, :)
so im currntly hving my spm . i jst finished my bm and bi and yeahh SEJARAH hahahaha.:)))) gembira tk trhingga kut. sumpah rase mcm nk nangis :') HEHEHE. next week is math,addmath and agama, damnnn wish me luck okay syg ?:) well gtg den da memekak mntak lptop busuk dia. hee daa :)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

da jgn sibuk

2 days more people ! :)) HAHAHA
weii stop reading my blog bleh tak mista "" , you're not allowed pun . haha .sorry.

Friday, November 13, 2009

today :)

geez spm lagi berape jam away je. but smehw im okay with it haha i mean i dn feel nrvous shit o whtsoeva. i just cnt wait to end this. 8 disember at 3pm im gonna scream at the top of my voice mannn:P officially MERDEKA fuhhhhh, really gila tak sabar. haha. okay daaaahh. oh , i just fnish sj frm4 .gila tak? gila kan. haha. tak sangka:') well as much as i hate sj i hve to read it fr the sake of spm haha. i cant stdy at home cause lots if gangguan , damnnn .so ive been stdying at libry and mcd . :) well talk bout my damn life, im still single baby ! GILA BABI PROUD hehehe.ade org tye , 'ayu, taknak cari yg baru ?' .'ayu tkde pgganti ke?' .'ayu can i wait fr you?' i replied 'NO ,NO , and NO ' sorry . ayu adila sudah tawar hati HAHA poyo je . tapi betul la , i had enuff la . MALAS nk cari ,MALAS nk flirt ,MALAS okayyyyy. i jst nak suka suka org jst like cinta budak tadika je. suka suka tapi buat bodo je . haha. way better mcm tu :) OHH , did i tell you wht im guin to do after spm ? haa okay time to list it baby :
1.menjerit dan senyum gila gilaa :) hbis spm kan ? haha
2.buang smua things yg ade kene mgena with spm:)
3.driving licence:)
4.decorate my room:) again:)
5.hngout with my babes smpai tk igt dunia:) new guitar, HEHEHE tak saba :')
7. guitar 24 7:) online online:)
9.cari keje ,maybe :)
10.away to aust :)
well itu hye sikit laaa, malas nk list panjg pnjg . ha prasan tak evry list ade smile ? yela itu mggmbrkan bahawa ayu sudah tidak sabar untuk mmbuat prkare prkare yang trsenarai di atas ini .HAHAHA. alrite guing to kenduri kwin skjp . later :)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

in blues

hello there, hai. im here gain writing the crap out of me .so it has been a long month i guess, there are too many things happend around me and smtimes i didnt realise it until pple told me , cn u imgine hw cn i put myself into this? in one month:31 days i've been struggle and duing stuff tht i shouldnt do. i've done smthing bad actually and only a few pple knew bout it. but smehow i dunt regret,it was like i did it cause im sick of evrything,so nw i jst go with the flow and put myself into silent .all i knw is when they laugh,i laugh more. they sad,i cry.they mad,i pissed.humm, obviously this is nt a prfect fairy tale anymre. evrything stop and quickly turns to nightmare. pple, pay attention,this is wht LIFE all about. right? humm , well things happen fr a reasn, huh.bullshit la kan. dammnnn, well off to stdy .

Monday, November 2, 2009


it is the end of a sad movie . humm.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

29 10

today i had fun with atiqah anuar , haha. we spent our time stdying from 2 until 7.40 at mcd je .well, tell u the truth agak dua jam je stdy then we strted to get merapu and all tht. we talked a lot , mcm mcm crita keluar, all the sad happy funny smua laaa. hahaha . well we didnt plnned pun to meet , tiba tiba i went to mcd alone then jumpa dia . soo she ws alone too so kita pun stdy je sme2 . turn out tht paan alwys go to mcd to stdy ,even paan da buat kawan kut dgn wrkers kt mcd tu hahaha. mntk fb and all , sooo as i ws sying we stdied math and addmth.then we stopped fr a while cause otak agk da sesat, then we strted to bkk crita, gedebak gedebummm smuaa, i realised tht our luck is on the sme track, a heartbroken track laa. hahaha , so we end up like talk shitt bout guys, :) then tiba tiba we both like 'i need someone! ' with the sad face and all tht. haha. da sengal kan. yelaa mcm ni la bila kita 'unwanted ' rite paan? we end up created gelaran fr us , it is 'unwanted girl' .gila sedih kan? haha .while we tgh gilaa then there ws this one car prked infront of us. it ws a guy , and he's damnn cute gila babiii , plus he ws alone HAHA . i told paan and paan like OMG AYUUUUUU HOT GILA ! PAAN NK NMBOR THT GUY PLEEASSEEE ! hahahahaha. gila btul la dua prpmpuan ni. so we're like usha tht guy . damnnn, sumpah kelakar. tkthu la tht guy prasan ke tak. well this is wht happen bila dua girl hving a 'patah hati' heeee. then smbung stdy blik, and stop blik pkul 5.30 , and we were so bored gilaaa .so we plnned to jalan2 mrayau kt ttc . tgh jalan kitorg merapuu lagi. gelak tk igt duniaa. and yg pling tkleh bla bila smpai kt ttc we srrounded with couple .pandang dpan blakang kiri kanan atas smua laa ! all couples ! DAMNNN, we're like WHYY GOD WHYY ? hahahahaha. pple kt situ pun pelik je tgk kitrg. tak kesa laa kann. then we sat kt tgga dpan tasik . so trying to calm down. then there was a group of guy tiba tiba main bola dpan kitorg soo start mengusha lgi , tpi sorg je yg cumel. yg lain tak. hahahahaha teruk btul laaa. soo kitorg bla cause da pkul 7 , tiba tiba paan tak tahan nk kencing ! so klm kbut cri tndas kt ttc tu then jumpaa. and yg plik lawak nya the girl bthroom TAADA AIR ! damnnn , paan da mnjerit tk than nk peee. hahahaha . and turn out we went to the opposite sex bthroom ! hahaha ! ade air kutt then tk kesa a kan da nk bocor tu kan .msuk je la bkn ade org. hahahaha so tht was the first time we went there. agk creepy . hahahaha.then gelak2 smpai mcd blik , so we headed home at 7.40 . heeeeeee. tht's end of our crap :)

Monday, October 26, 2009


HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHHAA:( , ignore my itik voice.i just wnt to dedicate this freaking song to tht prticular prson. well i need to move on babe, hve a nice day.


yes, thnks mai fr the advice :) really apprciate it . smtimes being selfish is the best thing to do.i hv lots of things in my mind but all i did at the end of the day is laugh and enjoy evry moment of it. i admit tht i kinda down lately, but things happen fr a reason kan? so i decided to move on and never look back and evrytime when i felt lonely i know there alwys a pple tht i love waiting to cheer me up again . and these pple means a lot to me . thnks fr making my day. i really do love you guys.

Saturday, October 24, 2009


okay apip i admit it. i love NSN hahahahahahaa see ! he's so cute baby :)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

22 10.

hello world . i am damnnn screwed hahahahahaha. im hving a brain damage :))))))) i feel like i wnt to fly away and away without no tired of being human . damnnn hahahahaha shit all you guys, well not you or maybe it is you ? haha im guin nuts nw, damn im so stressed man, i cant think anymore all i do is laugh as hard as i can ! and i dn knw wht the hell am i duin tht ? mybe by duin tht i can feel myslef gain.duh im tired of crying mcm babiii lagi. buang mase tahu tak? pple do this to me . heh ,bodoh. well in this case im the one who being so stupid. wasting all my time fr nothing . hahahahah i really need my sister . REALLY . well fr the past few days i tried to call one of my bestfriend but she didnt ans and also didnt call back , and it sucks. she's not there when i need her. nonsense kan smua ni but i dn blame her. its 12.34 and i hve no mood to sleep . i really need smeone to talk with :(. and fr sure i will nt gonna frgive pple who made me like this. never. i tried evrything to make pple happy . but wht i realised now, half of them dn even appreciate it. WTF ? . damn im tired okay. spm is 3 weeks more. i am so sad now. i cant think anymore. HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME MANNN? shitt.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

serabut gilaa

AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !! theres only 33 days left to die ! OMG and why am i still writing this crap ? oh i really hve to pickup myslf back on, seriously. i need to get 5 a's yeahh tht would be enuff. okay ayu WAKEUP GO STUDY LIKE HELL NOW ! ohh shitttt damn ayu damn why are u so malas . oh god help me :( geez . okay off. off ayu !

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


HE'S FREAKING COWARD , yes he is. done talk.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


u said tht im close with her, u said tht she's nt a friend material, u said tht she's easy to frget her bestie,u said she's nthpape, u said she's a freak,u said she's wht pple call a liar, u said alots . but non of it is true, u said tht she frget friends easy but as far as i cncern you're the one who did tht. you both are my friends and i really love you guys . and also you both da hbis skola but the only prson tht still keep in touch with me, asking me my day is her instead of you. raya pun you didnt come to my house ,wht ? then u ckp dia yg bukan friend material? well HELLO sistaa , i dn care hw much you hate her but all i knw is she's better thn you. so wake up and stop saying bad things bout pple, look at urself first cause it is much worst tht others. well sorry .

Sunday, October 4, 2009

kay ching!

how's life ?
a lil bit like a hell shit,
a lot of probs duhfy,
well its more bout feelings la . and also my study .
wht's wrong with it?
evrything fall apart
then,wht do u wanna do now?
trying to frget all the things tht mkes me sad,recover it all up la
ur wish fr nw is?
to get evrything tht i wish for
wht do u wish for?
diam la, adela

Friday, October 2, 2009

hell shit

i am so stress :( .a lot of thing guin on lately urhh .i wish i cn fly and go away frm here ,tht would be nice .i cnt wait to go aust , after spm here i come aust ! am gonna stay there until i get better i guess. just wnt to get away frm all the shitty . and im trying my best to frget bout this someone but seems tht i cnt do it and i dn knw wht the hell is wrong with me ! mybe cause dah fall fr tht guy kut ,shitt. plus my result is like hell bad ,teruk gila gilaaaaa omg nth la evrything mcm fall apart je . im a mess . :( help me

Sunday, September 27, 2009


hellioooo :)
i just fnish my trial ! hell yeahhh feel gooood baby, so nw im totally hungry . i need food now, can i hve one bigmac please? or cn someone pick me up to mcd please haha rindu kau la bigmac urghh. so lately theres a lot of bad things guin on ,nt to myself to others thou, some of them sdg frust meniarap, patah hati,lost someone,hving a bad rsult,byk laa, and i feel sorry fr them . well try to be tough alrite? this is wht we called life yeahh its sucks . but as fr me kinda up and down jgk la but i mnage to hndle it. err thts it fr now, i need to eat .haha bye bye then

Friday, September 25, 2009

this is wht happen,

when im bored , i can be a wnderwoman , ha whattt ? okay gila. bace survey ni:) i manage to answer all the ques given , *proud :') HIHIHI

A Bitch?
wht ? hell no man
Are you tall?
tall enuff :) HIHI
Friend you saw:
miss yume
Talked to on the phone:
mista pdod
Person to text you:
mista idan
Was today better than yesterday
i guess
What was the first thing you did this morning when you got up?
tgk mirror and its horrible i tell you haha

Do you have anything bothering you?
yess SPM , shiiitttyy

What's the last movie you watched?
somthing to do with tsunami ,haha lupa la

Where is the last place you went?
dapur hee

Do you smile often?:
i smile when i get money
Are you a friendly person?
err well you cn say tht :)

Where did you sleep last night?
err on my bed

Why did you sleep there?
err cause thts where wise pple sleep ?
When was the last time you cried?
haha cant recall la, :)
What was your last thought before going to sleep last night?
ohh, i sort of thot bout someone which i shouldnt do tht

What do you hear right now?
sound of the bising kipas
Q: What's your favorite month?
april baby

Q: How many kids do you want?
two would be enuff
Are you missing someone right now?
yeahh:( i miss my anak buah
Are you happy?
Are you sad?
i just said tht im HAPPY,duhh
Are you bored?
yes, thts why im duin this crap haha
Are you excited?
bout wht
Are you nervous?
nothing to nrvous bout
Are you single?
yes and unavailble, trying to make a record here! haha
8. Are you tired?
tell me bout it
9. Are your parents still married?
still and forever
10. Do you have a crush


hahahaha . nigahiga and kevjumba is totally awesome mann,

Thursday, September 24, 2009

raya kelima

hello midnite readers,
its 1 am , and im bored . so wht to write ha? wht yaaaahh, em oh yeah tomorrw is gonna be a busy day! i've to wake early in the mrning to clean up all the mess, and put all the kuihs kuihs raya inside the 'bekas raye' haha, i hve to do it all up tomorrow jugak, pple are cuming tomorrow fr my kuih raya! :) , and im gonna put on my baju kurung too . hihi, so to all the readers if u wnt to come to my house please come tomorrow ya ,friday ! please come :) but inform me first la alrite, hee then after tht no raye raye suda, i am so lazy nk bgi org msuk rumah da .haha ,enuff fr one day je ,hihi yeahhh mmg mlas ayu ni. well,im currntly listening to 'you and me' song, by lifehouse. uhhh all time favs :). i dnt knw why i like this song a lot , its nt like the lyrics got somethin to do with my life , but smehow i admire tht song, mybe cause of the melody i think, hehe so enuff talk bout tht, haa well sadly after raye im hving my maths paper so back to books again, duh sometimes kinda felt like im over spm . haha mybe cause of the raye thingy kut . well tht doesnt count at all, the reality is tht im still stuck lagii. haha , how sad . okay im off to sleep now, gudnite readers :)

heaven life

So many people are depressed, sad, and lonely cause they dunt have somebody.
a lot of pple think that once they finally find someone, they will be happy and they will have no troubles. well,it may be true that having someone can help add to your happiness,duh i do believe that can occur and does occur when you find the right person that suits you aite,but i can also recall a lot of people that are in relationships and they are miserable! i mean they are not happy at all, seems like they are in prison,
lets take a good look , when you're single you can
do whatever you want, whenever you want, no ques asked, no guilt about doing it either,you dun have to make excuses, and yeah you dun have to ask a permission to go somewhere, aite ?:) you can have fun and spend time with your babes,and most imprtant thing is tht you are free! i mean you dunt have anything holding you down or back, and yeah you also dunt have to listen to any dunt depend on someone else for your happiness ,that is no way to live baby.only you are responsible for your own happiness yaww:)
*so cheers fr single life Hahaha

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

immahome !

fuhh. feel gud to be home :) today is the fourth of raye . so i went blik kg last friday .kinda excited la kan ,yeah meet the awesome cousins and all . but not so excited fr the raye la huh how sad. we head off to trengganu .yes, im ganu baby :) , it was like 11 pm laa then we had to sahur at the middle of nowhere. it was 5.15 i think .well to tell you the truth im not a mrning prson la so im nt usually wkeup fr sahur, terlalu meliat anak dara nii haaa. so when in the car it was my first time i felt so semangat untuk brsahur la nii. haha well actually semangat pun cause of we plnned sahur at mcd .haha , it is at kertih i think . so smangat nii kan then ! mcd tutup CLOSE .can u imagine? mcd yg supposed to be open 24 7 CLOSE . haram jadahhhh punya kertih,so tkde semangat da , then my fam was like kelam kabut nk cari tmpt makan nii. and there was this kedai tepi jalan . hadi stop and makan . but cause of the stupid kertih im kinda nt in the mood untuk brsahur di kedai yg tidak dikenali .so i just waitd in the car. dgr lagu and berangan. so thts half of my membebel to tganu la :). so first raye ! pakai baju kurung cantik cantik semuaaa .but i only got 80 duit malaysia ! sikitttttttttttttt :( sedih sedihh .but redha je la , syukur suda hihi . and itu je , and nw im home :) hee

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

hari raya 09

hello evrybdy :) how's ur day?
i just fnish my bio paper and hell yeah here comes raya baby ! so to all muslims SELAMAT HARI LEBARAN :) and to all spm cndidates good luck fr the real exam ! and oh yeahhhhh wan mor thing, a thousand apologize to all ! peace :')

Monday, September 14, 2009

daun tiba tiba kacau

some pple arent invited at all. gila muka tak malu je ,ee eee .kesian btul. haha , well as long as u duduk diam diam mcm baby im okay with it. okay ? get it muka tebal? peace :')

Saturday, September 12, 2009



haha ,this was taken 2 years ago with my phone so a lil bit unclear, but wht the heck, this is like one of my good memories with qila,putri,nad and meimei, we were really enjoyed :) incase if u're wondering wht we were duing .well actually we invnted a drink which we added a lot of thing in it . i mean A LOT . haha . milo,yogurt,milk,sugar,coffee a lil . haha then we had to drink it all up . it was sort of a stupid challenge la ,hihi but we really do had fun u knw :) really miss this moment.hee hope u enjoy it !


raye is cuming and i dn feel like raye at all , im lack of clothes, i dn hve any new shoes, jeans and yeah new bag , im hving my trial so i dn hve time to shop fr raye .its more bout books aite nw, and it drives me nuts,well nw trying to clear up my mind and yeah hve fun with my life,mybe do some charity *haha , hgingout with my girls , shopping , do some fun stuff u knw , and i just cant wait to get over spm ! tht is my aim ! haha, well i must say tht am nt too excited fr this upcuming raye laa, sorry evryone :( . so mybe i wont do 'raye' la kut , i mean am nt guin to anybdy house excpt fr my cousins , other tht that nahh , sorry ya . i just dn feel like raye , plus need to stdy fr spm . so basically raye 2009 meant nothing to me . huh, hw sucks .

nik with mat

today saye layan tidur smpai pukul 3 dan smbung blik sehingga pukul 7 , mandi mandi bukak puase terus haa kan nikmat tu kan kan? haha , well terbukti puase saye da batal err , awa said my voice semakin kecil mcm kanak kanak , pelik btul saye mndengarnya haha tak kesa la. :) errr itu je la. hihihihi

Thursday, September 10, 2009

bila tiba sejarah

okay sej sucks, it is soo sucks until i wnt to kill pple who invnted it ! WHY ? you're so mean:( i hate you mr.sejarah , nways its only 2 months left fr me to read and memories it all up . so its gonna be 61 days more and after tht i swear i never open tht book which has full of history in it .i wont even look at the book ! okay ? get it ? , haha.okay tukar topic, so i drove to school haha *bangge budak ni , but only fr 3 days, yeahhh 3 hari je nak bangge plak ayu ni kan? haha,and yes today is fridy and nw im still wearin my unifrm, malas nak mandi and all . nak menikmati bau busuk diri sndiri dulu haha *wangiieee :') okay! next update coming up ! chayang awax cemua la! MuAhXzZz sEe uU........... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA ; ayat bodoh . :)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

11 things imma head :) just won't happen . sorry.
2.oh yeah he's liar , a big fat pig liar ! bibaibiba
3.he has found the right one , happy fr him :)
4.okay ive lost 9 marks , bibabibabi
5.oh miss hadi so much . he's at beijing :(
6.aqila kalah dalam cabaran tht we had kt nando's tu haha
7.mai and fana is soo in love ,parip-pari pusing atas kepala
8.yazmin has slim down a bit hehe *bangge kan?
9.and yeah ayu too :)
10.ridz totally the head
11.nana and pika i mishayouuu
*done :)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

mingle baby

okay im officially 6 mnths single :) yeppie me ! haha never stay this long like forever. and im kinda proud of myself actually. so far so good and yeah smetimes its kinda boring not to hve a boyf , but those feeling are just tmporary je. and now i feel great with my life , no fight no tears .is it sound great ? :') YEAHHH . haha . but i do hve someone tht i admire , well trying to keep to myslf actually cause i dn hve time to think bout this silly thing AGAIN. and yeah im in the process to make a new record by stying single baby, hehe . but sometimes i do admit tht i sort of jeles with my girlfriends with their boyf, almost all of them own a boyf kutt. haha so when i hngout with them , they will bring along their boyf , and to seeing them manje manje really make me akward fr some reason. haha .but im okay with it , SINGLE RULES ! haha :')

Saturday, September 5, 2009


oh , i love my girls . so smgt nk list my ahyang ahyang nii hehe
qila fana mean zima nana amnana daia kiki pika adina paan putri mya ferra meimei

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


hello syg :) haha geli je , okay okay tomorrow here comes trial . like bull bull shittt haram betul la . da lah first paper physics! gosh,horrible. so no fooling around and tv . okay tv dikecualikan , haha i cant live without it la :) .so no flirt ,no boyfie boyfie ,no lesbian and all tht. ketepikannnn. haha. and now its all bout books . yes , BOOKS. kiri kanan depan belakang atas bwah all books ! ha jadi ulat buku smentara waktu la ye cik ayu ini :) ish ishhh , so wish me luck fr the trial ya:) god willing !

Sunday, August 30, 2009



Friday, August 28, 2009

my heart will go on, :(

im losing my mind . im cnfused . i had a strange dream lately and i hate it , its already 1.17 am and i still cant sleep . thinking bout all the probs is just making
me feel uninspired, just wnted to say tht i am truly sorry , i give you hope and i let u down. im sorry . i just cant get over it . so stupid la.babbiiiiiiii betul. so to clear up my mind. i listen to this. very relaxing thou,she's 16 but yet has an amazing voice ,

Saturday, August 22, 2009

back !

okay fuhhh, hello bloggers im back :) i feel gud with myslf actually, i mean wht not to like if you skip school fr one whole week . haha yess mista i skip school fr five days but this hs nthing to do with the lazyness thou, i had a bad cold . so bad until i cant even stand up or eat or even watching tv ! all i can do is lay down on my busuk bed. horrible. and nw i miss my friends so so much lagi lagi miss aqila . haha lame tk jmpa my sygg sorg tuu , imissyoubabe ! oh yeah heard u already got ur license , congrates! so nw u cn drive ur fr four hehehe. as fr me , i still hve to wait after spm lah kan . haa sedih haha but its okay , at least i know hw to drive :) .soo speaking of spm, our trial is one week more, gila kan? yes, memang gila . im guin nuts now, dead meat betul .so hve to struggle fr this one week la , covered all up . smpt ke? tak sempat. yes i know .haishhhh but i try , and yeah happy fasting guys ! :)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

mini me


yess, this car :( vewyy vewyy badddd , look hw cute they are on the street ! :( ohhhhh,

here me up

well wnted to tell you smthing , i give up! clearly she's way beautiful pretty and oh yeah slimmer than me . so no wnder he likes her.well i dn blame anyone bout it.kelakar kan smua ni? i never like smeone who doesnt likes me back , this is the first time thou and i nw knw hw it felt when tht prson did nt rspond at all , its sucks .haha. so nw im trying to get over this stupid thingy ,it was just a waste of time . so trying to make a new mission. haha ! ohh dn wrry , im okay :) . a lil down thou , but wht the heck ,no need fr me to cry and do stupid thing right?.so im cool with it .
next year im done with school , and hello UNIVERSITY LIFE:)) , just cant wait to grow up . haha . to hve my own car, my own space ,and yeahh my own boyf . haha! so hey here me up guys ! im done talk bout him ! :) so after this you dnt hve to listen me saying his name anymore cause i wont do tht again! haha . im over him lah babe :) and yeah u guys are right, all this while im just wasting my time je kan ? like someone who likes other girl . yeahhhh bunyi agak stupid , i admit tht . so this has to stop nw. so gudbye my history ! i dnt like you anymore:) i am single mingle triple baby! haha!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


i am too lazy to walk , to stand to talk even tido pun smakin malas as if like my world mcm ade org tutup suis. evrything hitam and white shaja mcm tv yang lame brkurun kurun itu , am not happy,excited or sad or hyper crazy smart but fr sure am not dumb, itu semestinya . i still hve my brain yg byk myumbatkan ilmu science and it has to stop or else my brain will gone crazy and explode, erhhh tidak mau :( . so skrg too lazy fr evrything even study and all . ohh but i am ready to enjoy myslf by watching movie ! 'the proposal' pleasseeeee ! and guess wht i dun even got a chance to watch trnsformer ,ya allah ! yes i know its horrible tidak bleh diterima but thts the truth :( terase bagai diri ini kuno tiba tiba . okay, ayat da mcm skema nii . haha . well busan sgt . jum tgk wyang jummmmmmmm mari semua bangkit dari tidur study makan ! and fllow me to cinema mariiii *duit tiket sndirian brhad harap mklum.:)

Saturday, August 8, 2009


fr some reason , i like this picta a lot haha ! i like the way tht cat looking at the fish and also
that kid! :) well i like kids a lot thou , hehe . hey,perasan tk tht kid punya rmbut mncacak sedikitt, haha cumel gilaa sumpah geram! :)) and and tht cat dgn muka dia yg hbis blurrr gila . haha
well whoever took this picture is brilliant ! full of imagination,cuteness,the colour,the envirnment and all tht, hehe ilikeit a lot :)!


today sucks. really pissed off rite nw huh.i just got home from shopping .actually this mrning fana and all ajak pegi jalan 2 cause they hve sort of crnival guin on ,well i went dwnstairs and told bout my dad bout it then my dad ckp they are all are guin fr shopping so i was like okayy shopping its more fun lah kan . so i went shopping instead of hving fun with my babes, then i bought a new purse ,its pink colour thou,girlish sedikit haha. then shits hppened! as we were on the way out i just realised tht the purse ade sedikit koyakk ! and it looks so ugly da :( . i mcm babiiiiiiiiii betul, so i went gain to tht shop asked fr rplacement, then paling bodo lagi tht girl ckp 'oh,tht was the last one' ha lagi mcm babiiiiiiii. so dia suruh choose purse lain plak , and my face was like nk cincang cincang this girl grrr sbar lagi :+ , then i diam je . then my mum tiba tiba ckp 'its okay, mummy rplace with hndbag so tkpyah u beli lagi,next time kita tgk kt tmpat lain'
then i macm thnk you mama! muka kembali brseri hehehe :)) .so mummy bought hndbag. and me nothing ,how sad :( but its okay,then my dad kate 'next time no need la beli guess tu, daddy tgk mcm tk bgus' and i was like NOOOOOO, i like it :( . still wnt it! haha degil . then on the way back i slept in the car ,too tired ! bila smpai rumah tgk2 ade buah mate kucing , haha rupa2 my dad smpt pegi pasar kjp mse i tgh tido haha, i suka gila buah tu kut so my anger kurang sikit . hehe
tu je

Friday, August 7, 2009


Did you forget
That I was even alive
Did you forget
Everything we ever had
Did you forget
About me
Did you regret
Ever standing by my side
Did you forget
What we were feeling inside
Now I’m left
To forget
About us
But somewhere we went wrong
We were once so strong
Our love is like a song
You can’t forget it
So now I guess
This is where we have to stand
Ever holding my hand
Did you regret
Never again
Please don’t forget
Don’t forget
We had it all
We were just about to fall
Even more in love
Than we were before
I won’t forget
I won’t forgetAbout us
And at lastAll the pictures have been burned
And all the past
Is just a lesson that we’ve learned
I wont forget it
I wont forget
about us
*again, has nothing to do with me :) anyway enjoy !


sale sane sini its like OMG heaven sungguhh dunia ni ,tak sangka :') , operasi penghabisan duit kini bermula !

Thursday, August 6, 2009


hey monday,
scndhand srnade,
dear juliet,
the maine,
boys like girls,
liz phair,
the academy,
sum 41,
new found glory,

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

i hve a boo boo,

is anyone currently sick ?i know i do, i have a terrible cold :( so i hve to rest at home fr two days , at first i thot it was h1n1 cause my throat suddenly bleeding and i also felt dizzy . creepy gila mse tu huhh, so i went to the doc and thnks god it was just a nrmal little cold haha . fuhh LEGA :D so now im all alone sitting eating sleeping and wtching tv :) .oh yeah no books fr today .haha , waahhh really do miss hgout with my babes, seems tht evrybdy has better things to do . well, jst wnted to say tht IMISSYOU GUYS ! MUAH MUAHHHH !okay enuff fr today ,haha :) i need to rest nw . bye bye

Thursday, July 30, 2009


ey tomorrow brthday my sista ! OMG , tak beli present lagi ! this is bad man! urhhhhhhh

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


halaluyah peeps ! :) i skip school today yeahh ! and nw im still in my pyjamas well i know most pple think tht is so chhildish, i mean who still wear pyjamas to sleep ? i know i do :) i love comfy pj's ! haha and i dun give a shit wht pple say ,tehee. oh ! i just got my biology and physics paper ! bio marks is so damn damn bad mann, it was very HODOHH to look at. and my physics is okay la fr me , at least i hve improvement so yeah me :) . humm hey do you ever think tht might be somewhere in this world there will be someone who is meant fr you , as we all know god has already match us with our prfect prtner aite, so these thingy has been on my mind lately and i dn knw why, just curious bout it. let just imagine tht u got bumped with a guy who is complete stranger and who knws mybe tht prson is your match or mybe ur worst enemy could also be ur match! . okay, tht kind of scary, but evything is possible rite? and doesn't mean tht the prson you're in love rite nw is ur match , it could be anyone else . haha am i scare you or wht , well this is just my opinion, :) .might be true and might not .it dpends on individual .
* just a piece of my mind :)

Monday, July 27, 2009


hey , just got home from tuition. and im kind of bored so decided to post a new blog so here i am writing this crap , well im duing great with my life. let jst say tht i am way better than before , my result is improving , so thnks fr god :) . really trying my best to improve more so tht i can achieve tht 6 a's and get accept to any good U or college . and nw im having this problem , well is not tht big problem it just tht i am still hve no clue wht course am i guin to take after spm . i was like clueless gila gila but one thing fr sure im nt gonna take any course tht got something to do with biology or physic! my brain will gone crazy if i take tht course! haha. there are too much of reading and thinking at the same time i just cant deal with it. so i was thinking to take culinary art ,its kind of my things . and it's a lot of fun thou , cooking western food and duin some dessert and the most imprtant part is tht we dn have to squeeze our brain like hell . haha . but unfrtunately my dad didn't think that course would fit me in , he said tht i am a kind of girl who dunt get much involved in this cooking thingy , well he was right . i dun even know how to cook at all. haha but i love baking cakes and do some cute little cupcakes:) . so the culinary art thing is still gonna stay on my list . so the second one i would like to take hotel mngement :), we can learn hw to mnage a hotel and might be someday if i success i would open my own hotel HAHAHA well im just hoping ritee ? its imposible and i knw tht but its nt wrong fr me to dream rite haha . so tht is one of my choice. sooooo the last one and also the one tht my daddy thinks it is the best fr me is 'pharmacist' , well i could accept tht :) but fr now i hve way imprtant things to do and tht is to achieve 6 a's ,amin :) god willing !

Friday, July 24, 2009

new freak smile,

hello,HAI, im ayu and strting frm tday onwards i own a freak smile.HAHA dare to laugh ? *bersinar

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

who comes first?

having a boyf or girlf dn give you the right to ignore your friends, if you dnt agree with me ,well "congratulations,you're a jerk"

Monday, July 20, 2009

up and down

yesterday i had fun with these two people : azura , she's my sista and her boyf kane. anyway, these are the things tht we've been duin all day long


AND we're actually in the middle of the road but dunt worry there were no cars passing thru pun and macm agak pelik jugak la .anyway, kane ask me to help him to take his picture cause he wnted to join the modelling thingy* , so wht the heck tolong jela kan tapi mesti kene blnje makanlah lepas tu kan kan haha HARUS .so this are the smple pictures i took,

* gambar tidak lah selawa sperti the real photogrpher amik ,well im still in the process to learn :), and yeahhh my picture tiada dlam ini kerana saye phtographer nya. so poor me :( well next time i will make those pple take my picture pulak ! lalalalaa~ :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

chipsmore cookies

*kejap ada , kejap takde , itulah dia :)

here me up

ayu is ready fr something new

Saturday, July 11, 2009

1.30 am

i wish i can turn back the time so that i will hve a chance to change my life back,let jst say tht i'm not too satisfied by the way i managed my life. "can you turn bck the time god? pleaseee, :( " can you start it from 2004 . please please pleasee .err call me crazy ?well i am now :( . i wish there was smthing i can do to make it easier fr me . haishhh *

Thursday, July 9, 2009

swing swing :)

i saw him huwaaaaaaa :DDDDD *GEMBIRA SGT . and i dnt know why i keep on smiling after tht :)) . oh god am i fallling in love with him ? OHHHH ,gila btul .
well jst wnted to say tht im totally happy today ! haha. oh and im getting braces soon, what do i need to noe ya? okay, so im getting some braces put on pretty soon, in approximately 2 weeks and im totally nervous and excited at the same time.the upside to this is that im going to have straight teeth, yeah:D well i would like to know everything about the process of getting braces put on. Does it hurt? err,do I have to brush my teeth every single time after i eat? is there a special floss i have to use? Can I chew gum? heee :)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

sleeping head

I NEED TO SLEEP , i am so tired ! err, i wish i cn sleep all day long without being dsturb . uhhh tht would be sooo heaven :) well spm is just around the corner and im still nt ready fr it . well trying my best to achieve 6 a's , oh yeahh 6 a's still good enuff aite, i mean do i hve to achieve fr 9a's? errr , still mahu 6 A jugk . haha pelik btul lah ayu nii . i'm sick of guin to school evryday .huhhh , eee cam tk sukaa gila and i dnt knw why i felt tht way,okay no worries la ayu its only 4 mnths left and im done with school ! :D , really cnt wait to get my license and my own car of course :) . alrite,enuff fr today, guin to sleep ! :))

*mari tengok mamat bawah nii . cumel kan kan?HAHA:D

Friday, July 3, 2009

stephen coletti,


my supermannnnnn (!) -OHHH

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


hello there, how are you ?:) jum msg? ada cerita baru? udah punya cowok nggak? happy ? *okayy , you're probably wndering why am i asking this type of ques kan , pelik kan ?, well it seems tht evry soalan tu always akan ditanya by someone right, so the words 'how are you?' okay, that was nice kan , a lil caring la jgk so cheers fr tht prson :) , then ayat 'jum msg' , alrite on je kan , but there are some pple who are being so keling , i mean sent a msg ckp mcm tu then after a while like wht 5 to 6 msges then stop entah tiba tiba dissapeard , mmg macam keling gilaa , ishh tak faham tak faham . sooo 'ada cerita baru' yeahhhhhhhh GOSIP ka?
oh ade ade cerita baru ,cerita tntang bagaimana islam kini sudah tidak kukuh lagi sperti dahulu'
haaa well obviously tak ramai brmint mau tau pasal ini kan? hw do i knw, mesti la tau yela even myself agak kureng kalau dgr dgr ceramah ni haha teruk betul perangai bila ade org tye cerita baru macam biasela either gosip,talk bout byf or girlf, and musuh ketat kan ? itu biasaaa :D . next is 'udah punya cowok nggak?' ini endon mariii . haha well it stands fr 'da brpunya?' pssstttt one word SEBOK ,haha. well evryone knw wht is gonna happen kan if tht prson answer 'belum' haha. *cinta mula berputik la lepas tu kan . tak faham? okay , tak faham suda la :) thennn last oneeeeee ! 'happy?' one meaning je kan 'gembira?' well actually byk meaning kutt, pple boleh tye tht simple word dgn cara jujur, cara perli , cara mara, cara jeles . sooo brhati hati la bila mnjawab soalan itu. *okayyy , sumpah ayu ni da weird , haha tak msuk akal je cerita ni kan . haha . btw,thnks fr reading this crap . i love youuu :*. WEIRDO me ssstttt

Saturday, June 27, 2009


need new guitar . ohhhhh, :(

smalm punya pasal la niiii ish , well i went out to mid saje jalan jalan dgn family tercintaa, then pusing pusing i heard smone out of nowhere playing guitar and i was like okayy gila best je dia main ,mane mane? *mencari. then rupa rupanya it comes frm kedai music lah kan , ushhh gila la mase tu rase mcm heaven jgk tgk guitar guitar yg di display kt lua , *bersinar. sooo , drag my dad msuk kdai heaven tu haha . then this one of the worker which is tk hndsome pun biase biase je la haha ishh ape nii ya allah okay smbung blik dia ni tnjuk la several of guitar kat situ, siap bagi try main lagi , then dia tnjuk la guitar yg jenis bleh plug-in tu , mula mula mcm err buatapee je nk plug plug ni memekak ade la kan , then dia pun main grrrrr terus FALL IN LOVE , sky sky skyyyyyy . haha, sound dia gila daboom ajaaa . woahhh nak nak nakk ! then mamat ni like main main lagi saje je nk jeles kan org haha tiba tiba. and i was like looking at my dad dgn syuman yg sungguh lebar mgharapkan daddy would buy fr me someday HAHA teruk betul ayu nii, daddy pun like buat buat tk nmpk je haha , "ayu ni betul ke ni nak main bende nii?" helloooo, 'BENDE'? its super extremely hot guitar paa , haishhhh, dalam hati je ckp tk brani ckp lua mahu mati je kene humban dgn daddy , haha .so ayu nii jwbla dgn baik . 'oh yes of course aa suka ,impian nii' .dady pun respon haa 'tunggu smpai hbis spm dulu' and i was like YEAHHHHHHH ! alrite daddy , after spm yahh :)))))))) , tiba tiba jadi baik nak belaja brsungguh sungguh haha. soo cant wait nk hbis spm niiii ish , cepat cepat. haha , ayu ni pelik pelik je dia mntak bak kate mummy. haa tkpela pelik pelik pun asalkan minat kan kan . hahaha , okay tu je. tgah busan punya pasal so tulis je la dlm blog ni, :) well kalu ade yg kate saye ni hanya membegakan diri nk tulis mnde ni suka hati la, spe suruh bce kan? its my blog daaa . sibuk. haha . okay da gdbye :D

Thursday, June 25, 2009

kutuking .

i am so bored,i jst fnished my addmth lpastu bumm tutup buku bkk lptop haa click ms je keje ya allahh mmg addicted btul ,haha . well , on ms check comments smua and stalk pple's page :) suka tgk jenis jenis orang . so skrang tiba tiba rase cm nk mengutuk memuji smua ade la nii. haha mariiiiii . so wht's up with the 'REMMM' i cant believe masih ade byk manusia sprti ini brkeliaran di luar sana. ishhhh, kenapa? bak kate mereka remm ini style okay HAHAHAHAHAHA . butaaa? .well, style lah jgk kan topi yg wane putih tu ngn sua ketat bawah bagai nak longgar longgar kan je suar itu, style kan kan? HAHA. :)) okay remm sorry. :)
tapi tapi u'll get my rspect if you're smart and gntlement , woahhh itu mmg rspect yaw :) cuba la ye . ingat, prmpuan tidak akn mahu hsband diorg remmm. so stop being remmm .you guys dsrve better thn tht :) . da stop. ampun ya no hard feeling, ini semua fakta. :D
haa the second type of prson yg sgt sgt bodoh lah kan . INI DIA--> 'GAY' okayy, dn get me wrong i dun hve any problem dgn gay pple's , cume saye sgt mympah dgn guy who being fake, i mean used the word GAY untuk alsn nk break up with their girl. PATHETIC. orang macam ni kan actually he's too dsperate tau ,yela kan dsperate nk collect gfs . ish stupid stupid stupid. ohhh ,if ade ssiapa yg kene mcm ni kan jgn bagi muka kt mamat nii . lain kali sepak je bwah tu biar mandul terus . okay? . haa the 3rd prson kan . had happend to me last night! mamat 'blue' mamat kepale hotak dia yg da dicemari dgn gas gas ammonia , secare jujur i feel sorry fr them. KESIAN , sent a msg or kol and using the word yg hodoh and tak hbis hbis nk describe 'little brother' diaorg. eee kesian kan ? tak cukup kasih syg la tu smpai itu pun nk pegi tnjuk kt girl. hahaha well here some tip fr you 'GET A LIFE' :) jgn kacau ank dare org, alrite rubbish?. grrr ,
lagi lagiiiiii . oh yes playboy . haa familiar gila kan dgn ayat ni ?:) well , all i can say is. if you're hot mahu jadi playboy yeahh go but if you're not ,no need la okay, appreciate your girl. but tht doesnt mean yg hotstuff tu boleh slmbek dia je, tpi try to change la alright hotstuff?:) same goes to the playgirl, sambung later, haha .

p/s: no hard feeling ya sygg :)




Friday, June 19, 2009


HAHAHAHAA kelam kabut lagu ni. well here it goes' HAPPY FATHER'S DAY yawww , hey dad you're totally the coolest prson i've ever met laa:) . iloveyouuuuuu

Thursday, June 18, 2009

48 kg,

okay , berat dah naik naik gila GILAA . even daddy pun called me 'baby elephant' haa? mmg tak ptut kan , tpi cumel jgk bby elephant tu haha okay *brhenti perasan. sooo as i was sying , im getting FATTER , yeahhh ini semua kerana makanan makanan yg sedap . curse you food ! ,haa cant cntrol myslf bila dpan makanan. grrrr , yelah mmg tkleh nk cntrol lah kan cbe bayangkan cake yg sedap decorate pun lawa, steak steak grrr mane boleh tahan kan? mmg wajib makan .so lepas melantak smua tak exrcise plak tu , exrcise sgt sgt mmbusankan dan mbuang mse, stuju? haa then letih plak tu ishhhh tk ptut. well, i like my body but if i turun sikit maybe lagi okay kut kan kan kan :DD .tkpe dunt worry guys i will make my weight lost after spm punyaaa, dijamin :) . buat mse skrg enjoy mkanan dahulu, YEAH HH :D

Thursday, June 11, 2009


to all my exs IHATEYOUUU hahaha kidding , :) okayy ini mmg da tahap busan da nii . tiba tiba nk ckp pasal ex ni knpa ? ayu ni mcm mcm. oh ! i hve new jerawat , shittt. itu je, busan busan busan ishhhhh

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


*i am your BIGGEST FAN :DDDDD ohhhh, he's my idol grrrrr ,


*present selena gomez :))))) , she's hot and i am soo in love with her style .


*grrrr samuel zylgwyn, ishh cumel la dia ni, ishh ishhh


let go,

*lagu ni sgt sgt SEDIHH :((, sob sob sob .oh yeah this song has nothing to do with me, saje gedik gedik nk letak,


hello hello hey, :)

today is 10 jun which is hari rabu, i went out to bb with my gfss and it was extremely kelakar :P , mari mari nk cerita ape yg trjadi , sooooo i woke up at 11 and badan smua mcm malas gilaa nk bgunn grr heaven sgt sgt tido so nk tknk trpakse bgun la kan , then adib sent a msg memekak tye "where are you ayuu?" and i was like urhhh baru je nk amek towel,__
then after shower get ready nk pegi and at tht time its already 1.40 , went there by car . arrived at 2.15 , agak cuak mse tu sbb im alone so ke hulu ke hilir la ayu niii *lost sekejap,IT WAS SO TIRING maaa ,suddenly terjumpa adib and arep and i was like 'fuhhh,legaa tpi turns out they were also lost . haha then ke hulu hilir again, finally jmpe jgk manusia manusia ni kt dpan topshop,soo ape lagi they all melulu msuk topshop and i waitd fr them outside je *taada duit punya pasal kan :(( . actually the prpose pergi sne cause nk srvey goodies fr the prom nite but turns out evrybdy tiba tiba separated , and it ws sddnly WEIRD kan yazmin ? i end up with dania arep adib nik and luqman , and you're with the others, we're like hye hye bye bye je HUHHHHH , -_- then this 6 of us went to eat , rest skjp . then i sent a msg to yazmin ask her "where is she?" and she rplied she's already otw back grrrrr :(( . sedih sgt cause we didnt even hgout together . then we were like bla bla bla bla its already 5.30 ,and dania hd to go back so we decided to go home jugak, dania went bck to ampang and me to bangi . then mase tu plak the guys refused nk blik, and i already plan to go home with put and kiki so i called them tiba tiba they said the were at klcc and i hd no clue mcmne nk pegi klcc nii? lgsung tk igt jalan kut,

then kol paan *kring kring , and thnks god paan and kd still kt pv lagi, so i went back with them . and this is the kelakar part la , HAHA okay okay , we took the train frm hang tuah bdget mcm nk blik la .paan and kd da cuak gila sbb da lmbt , then jalan jalan jalan pushhhhh masuk train ,and we suppsed headed to bndar salk selatan, then we wait we wait in the train , and i was like lame gilaa train ni nk smpai so i checkd the destination , and turns out we were in the WRONG TRAIN hahaha what the hell ? smua mula la cuak ,da lah lmbt tiba tiba malang menimpa so we had to patah blik smua smua tu and we hd to took train to petaling jaya , then bla bla bla finally dlam train which headed to ukm . so mcm biase lah kan packed gila gilaa org jadi sadin sekejp,

and dlm train plak there was this one endon girl infornt of us , and mse tu paan was on the phne, so does the endon girl , TIBA TIBA this endon girl pggil pggil "ayang" in a WEIRD way maybe she was on the phne with her kekasih kut , haha sumpah lawak gilaaaa :DD me and kd tergelak trsembur smua dpan dia and she ws looking at us and we're mula la try nk try cover konon , HAHA . then tiba tiba ade this one mamat plak , out of nowhere nk borak with 3 of us secare TIBA TIBA , pelik gilaa-__- , dia pun tye stdy mne bla bla bla and buat lawak yg tk lawak lgsung. kitorg pun mcm ya allahhh knpe dgn mamat nii ? at first i thot this mamat sakit mental ohh, sbb dia mcm tye all kind of weird ques, ishhh scary gila org mcm tu .ishhhhhh. then finally smpai ukm 'fuhhhhh, soo thts the end of today story , thnks fr reading this crap haha :)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

shhhh :)

*they are my sygg my girl my friend and my laughing machine :))

*If I had all the money in the world but no one to enjoy it with, I would be depressed. Admittedly that's an extreme example, but the truth is that all of the enjoyable things in the world get old quickly without a friend to share them with. On the other hand, if I was experiencing all the hardships in the world, I would go insane without the aid of a friend. People that don't have anyone to socially interact may lose their minds and develop an imaginary friend just to ease the loneliness. Human interaction is necessary. It is simply the way that we are wired.

9 jun 09,

olaa abibubama :D

i am new here so basically ive no idea hw to use this *thingy but in the process untuk memahami ini smua .so i knew bout this frm a friend of mine YAZMIN haa budak ni la yg suruh buat perkara ini, then wht the heckk mari mari buat blog :)) nothing to lose aite kan kan .the best thing about doing this is tht we can membebel bebel bebel nonstop luahkan smua isi hati jiwang jiwang without being disturb . is it tht GREAT ?:DDD *okay da stop, haha. hummm :0 , im hving my spm this year woahh lagi 5 mnths and im totally nt ready fr it ,addmath physics chem bio YA ALLAH KENAPE SUSA SGTTTT ? psstttt :( , pn.marminah *which is my addmth teacher, slalu tye "ayuu knpe result teruk sgt nii ?" haishhhhhhhhh SEDIHH :(( well im trying my best to improve my addmth,yes yes ayu she can do it . AMIN :) . okay enuff talk bout spm _____ :p

nw,lets talk bout ME lalaalalalaaa , im 17 peeps and this girl love love to eat lagi lagi western food oh my sedap nyaaaaaa:0 .SUSHI is her favs, grrrr :) . she's nw enjoying herslf by staying single and suka merepek with her girlfriends mean,qla,fana,zima,nana,amnana,kiki,daia,
paan,pika,adina,ferra, *ILOVEYOU :S.ape lagi niii , OH she's pendek thts wht pple keep on telling her but who cares laaaaa jadi pendek ni sgt sgt lucky sbb bila panas boleh duduk bwah bayang bayang org tggi kan ? so i am totally HAPPY as i am yeahhhh :D . alrite, stop sekejap. mahu keluar jalan jalan cari mkan :DD