Monday, April 11, 2011

I AM BACK *nobody care :8)

haha hello *weird face.

it hs been a long time since my last post. way too long. maybe 1 or 2 years ago? lol. i ws busy guys.sorry~

so yeah hello 2011 ! tetttt 'dude, its april already? pffftt "-.- , so yeah ive been MIA lately. due to lots of assignments and hand-ling life of course. since it's april ive decided to put aside evrything and learn how to blog again . so the song for the month is of course from bruno mars not JB omgeee , okay okay. again! it's called


here's the link ----> CLICK TEKAN PUSH LICK :DD

so yeahhh tht's pretty much i would spend my april with. like wht bruno mars used to say 'wuhuuuuu, today i don't feel like doing anything, i just wnt to lay on my bed ~' is this lyric are the greatest or what! haha lobeyoubruno :') u know me berry berry well. lol

Wednesday, December 1, 2010



THANKS :) xoxo

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


i would like to keep it simple so tht the the people around me would undrstand wht im trying to deliver, but i got a lil problem where ill push my hard to be the best and it alwys turn out to be like
'WTH AYU?' or 'DON'T PUSH TOO HARD DEAR' pfffftt "-.- i often do tht. the word 'try hard' itself did make me cnfuse in some situation . like your lecturer would say write your best, and then they will say like 'dont make it too over can you?' seee, it is cnfusing (!) like now, when im writing this ill hv to find a right mood if not ill start to crapping around and the grammar are all over the place, tell you the truth im nt very good in grammar, here you go i say it right. at least i knw my weakness, im in the process to improve my writing skills people ! (y) :) so you can see i hv to do my assignments and most of em are in essay , i hv to come out an essay of 1000 to 1500 words about a particular title. thnks god i hv 2 more weeks to cmplete em all, i did strt writing one of the essay and it is about 'who am i?' in the essay i hv to include the human behaviour and all tht kind of stuff which i learnt in comm . SEE ? i was like 'who am i ?' okay tht one i can easilly come out about my own self BUT then the problem start when i hv to put the bla bla bla things in it. and i will be *shut off ammediately ! BUT guys, i did try to deliver wht the lecturers one , i already wrote for about 300++ and whenever i read it back felt like i shud throw this essay into the trash and come out w a new one ! GRRRRRR, CAUSE IT WAS HELL BAD ! if i were the lecturer and my student give me this kind of essay i would like 'WHAT THE abcdeF ' (!) so before thts happen to my lecturer let me trash it away first. so now i hv nthing YET . daymn, really hv to think of smthing. see you in the next 2 weeks .pffft "-.-

Saturday, August 14, 2010


DIA SANGAT CUMEL? gosh, come on girl , itu you kate cumel? my god u really gt a bad taste, haha lol :P i dont like you so thts why im typing the crap out of you . wht a joke(gelak guling guling) dulu bukan main gadoh mcm budak kecik :)) then apa pun tak jadiiiii .you knw wht bet you and the new guy also will nt gonna last , cause u knw why? well, u cn figure it urself girl :) , stop being hypocryte cn you? and please appreciate the new guy, dnt treat him like a trash, like u used to do to ur old stupid lover :) , im out .


no more A's in my life again please (?) its weird when sudden you realize tht after all this while u've been spending most of your time w the A's guys :), well i finally figured out tht the A's are nt meant fr me(trash time!). so basically i had enuff with A's , can i hve other alphabets please? like B or C or mybe Z hehehe :)) joking dude. fr the time being i would like to be on my own , trust me it is much easier, lately i hv a lots guin on in the past 2 weeks,butttt im too tired to write em all here, sorry. and yeah happy ramadhan to all muslims :)

Sunday, August 8, 2010


excuse me whoeva you are:) i knw my english sort of bad but at least im trying my best to improve it jerk :)

Saturday, July 31, 2010


finally its august ! yeahhh i hv lots of stry to tell you bout, first of all im glad tht ive finally made myself cmfrtable stdying in lkw. lkw is the best i must sayyy ! so far so good :) i love lkw :') haha. ive made a nmber of friends, they are cool and fun to hang with ,and also the seniors are so hndsome&beautiful auww :P love it. the lectures are so cool , they even asked us to trnsform ourselve to become more creative in nor outside of us . ill try my best to take a step ahead from wht ive being now , being more creative of course:) but im a lil tired since ive to drive all away long . it tooks me bout 25 minutes to reach there, fuhhhh and last two days i nearly crushed in accident! thnk god it ws just a little bumped "-.- . on friday night we had 'a night to rrmber' in lkw, it is a part of the orientation. so i gt a lil annoyed w these pple who said 'this is horrible' ,'apa nak jadi' and bla bla bla, yeahhh i did put some pictures where they were dncing and all tht. and these pple commented w a stupid statement. WELL HELLO THERE, LET ME TELL YOU SMTHING, OVER 70% OF THEM ARE INTERNATIONAL , MEANS MOST OF EM AREN'T MUSLIM, SO WHT U EXPEXT? OBVIOUSLY THEY ARE PRETTY GOOD W PARTY, DUHHHH, '-.- they were just having fun, like you also. dnt tell me you never went to club,concert or gigs?most probably you will dance like hell, so tell me you're the same as them aite? only the different is tht u're MUSLIM and they are NOT. so whose being horrible now? tell me. so dnt jdge others, look at urself first dummy. dnt jst simply says 'lkw students are horrible' duhhhh wht a joke . ive step on it, and things are okay. if there are so called a horrible place, then why they become one of the best in asia?surely dn wnt to brag,it just, duhh these pple smtimes really do get on my nerves, imagine if i talk bad bout your college, surely you will be pissed too . so shut your mouth, you never know whts guin on in there, so dnt simply talk. haishhhhh "-.- , well move onnnn. humm, my first class strt on this mnday, cant wait to learn new thing:) well thts all ! xoxo