Sunday, September 27, 2009


hellioooo :)
i just fnish my trial ! hell yeahhh feel gooood baby, so nw im totally hungry . i need food now, can i hve one bigmac please? or cn someone pick me up to mcd please haha rindu kau la bigmac urghh. so lately theres a lot of bad things guin on ,nt to myself to others thou, some of them sdg frust meniarap, patah hati,lost someone,hving a bad rsult,byk laa, and i feel sorry fr them . well try to be tough alrite? this is wht we called life yeahh its sucks . but as fr me kinda up and down jgk la but i mnage to hndle it. err thts it fr now, i need to eat .haha bye bye then

Friday, September 25, 2009

this is wht happen,

when im bored , i can be a wnderwoman , ha whattt ? okay gila. bace survey ni:) i manage to answer all the ques given , *proud :') HIHIHI

A Bitch?
wht ? hell no man
Are you tall?
tall enuff :) HIHI
Friend you saw:
miss yume
Talked to on the phone:
mista pdod
Person to text you:
mista idan
Was today better than yesterday
i guess
What was the first thing you did this morning when you got up?
tgk mirror and its horrible i tell you haha

Do you have anything bothering you?
yess SPM , shiiitttyy

What's the last movie you watched?
somthing to do with tsunami ,haha lupa la

Where is the last place you went?
dapur hee

Do you smile often?:
i smile when i get money
Are you a friendly person?
err well you cn say tht :)

Where did you sleep last night?
err on my bed

Why did you sleep there?
err cause thts where wise pple sleep ?
When was the last time you cried?
haha cant recall la, :)
What was your last thought before going to sleep last night?
ohh, i sort of thot bout someone which i shouldnt do tht

What do you hear right now?
sound of the bising kipas
Q: What's your favorite month?
april baby

Q: How many kids do you want?
two would be enuff
Are you missing someone right now?
yeahh:( i miss my anak buah
Are you happy?
Are you sad?
i just said tht im HAPPY,duhh
Are you bored?
yes, thts why im duin this crap haha
Are you excited?
bout wht
Are you nervous?
nothing to nrvous bout
Are you single?
yes and unavailble, trying to make a record here! haha
8. Are you tired?
tell me bout it
9. Are your parents still married?
still and forever
10. Do you have a crush


hahahaha . nigahiga and kevjumba is totally awesome mann,

Thursday, September 24, 2009

raya kelima

hello midnite readers,
its 1 am , and im bored . so wht to write ha? wht yaaaahh, em oh yeah tomorrw is gonna be a busy day! i've to wake early in the mrning to clean up all the mess, and put all the kuihs kuihs raya inside the 'bekas raye' haha, i hve to do it all up tomorrow jugak, pple are cuming tomorrow fr my kuih raya! :) , and im gonna put on my baju kurung too . hihi, so to all the readers if u wnt to come to my house please come tomorrow ya ,friday ! please come :) but inform me first la alrite, hee then after tht no raye raye suda, i am so lazy nk bgi org msuk rumah da .haha ,enuff fr one day je ,hihi yeahhh mmg mlas ayu ni. well,im currntly listening to 'you and me' song, by lifehouse. uhhh all time favs :). i dnt knw why i like this song a lot , its nt like the lyrics got somethin to do with my life , but smehow i admire tht song, mybe cause of the melody i think, hehe so enuff talk bout tht, haa well sadly after raye im hving my maths paper so back to books again, duh sometimes kinda felt like im over spm . haha mybe cause of the raye thingy kut . well tht doesnt count at all, the reality is tht im still stuck lagii. haha , how sad . okay im off to sleep now, gudnite readers :)

heaven life

So many people are depressed, sad, and lonely cause they dunt have somebody.
a lot of pple think that once they finally find someone, they will be happy and they will have no troubles. well,it may be true that having someone can help add to your happiness,duh i do believe that can occur and does occur when you find the right person that suits you aite,but i can also recall a lot of people that are in relationships and they are miserable! i mean they are not happy at all, seems like they are in prison,
lets take a good look , when you're single you can
do whatever you want, whenever you want, no ques asked, no guilt about doing it either,you dun have to make excuses, and yeah you dun have to ask a permission to go somewhere, aite ?:) you can have fun and spend time with your babes,and most imprtant thing is tht you are free! i mean you dunt have anything holding you down or back, and yeah you also dunt have to listen to any dunt depend on someone else for your happiness ,that is no way to live baby.only you are responsible for your own happiness yaww:)
*so cheers fr single life Hahaha

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

immahome !

fuhh. feel gud to be home :) today is the fourth of raye . so i went blik kg last friday .kinda excited la kan ,yeah meet the awesome cousins and all . but not so excited fr the raye la huh how sad. we head off to trengganu .yes, im ganu baby :) , it was like 11 pm laa then we had to sahur at the middle of nowhere. it was 5.15 i think .well to tell you the truth im not a mrning prson la so im nt usually wkeup fr sahur, terlalu meliat anak dara nii haaa. so when in the car it was my first time i felt so semangat untuk brsahur la nii. haha well actually semangat pun cause of we plnned sahur at mcd .haha , it is at kertih i think . so smangat nii kan then ! mcd tutup CLOSE .can u imagine? mcd yg supposed to be open 24 7 CLOSE . haram jadahhhh punya kertih,so tkde semangat da , then my fam was like kelam kabut nk cari tmpt makan nii. and there was this kedai tepi jalan . hadi stop and makan . but cause of the stupid kertih im kinda nt in the mood untuk brsahur di kedai yg tidak dikenali .so i just waitd in the car. dgr lagu and berangan. so thts half of my membebel to tganu la :). so first raye ! pakai baju kurung cantik cantik semuaaa .but i only got 80 duit malaysia ! sikitttttttttttttt :( sedih sedihh .but redha je la , syukur suda hihi . and itu je , and nw im home :) hee

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

hari raya 09

hello evrybdy :) how's ur day?
i just fnish my bio paper and hell yeah here comes raya baby ! so to all muslims SELAMAT HARI LEBARAN :) and to all spm cndidates good luck fr the real exam ! and oh yeahhhhh wan mor thing, a thousand apologize to all ! peace :')

Monday, September 14, 2009

daun tiba tiba kacau

some pple arent invited at all. gila muka tak malu je ,ee eee .kesian btul. haha , well as long as u duduk diam diam mcm baby im okay with it. okay ? get it muka tebal? peace :')

Saturday, September 12, 2009



haha ,this was taken 2 years ago with my phone so a lil bit unclear, but wht the heck, this is like one of my good memories with qila,putri,nad and meimei, we were really enjoyed :) incase if u're wondering wht we were duing .well actually we invnted a drink which we added a lot of thing in it . i mean A LOT . haha . milo,yogurt,milk,sugar,coffee a lil . haha then we had to drink it all up . it was sort of a stupid challenge la ,hihi but we really do had fun u knw :) really miss this moment.hee hope u enjoy it !


raye is cuming and i dn feel like raye at all , im lack of clothes, i dn hve any new shoes, jeans and yeah new bag , im hving my trial so i dn hve time to shop fr raye .its more bout books aite nw, and it drives me nuts,well nw trying to clear up my mind and yeah hve fun with my life,mybe do some charity *haha , hgingout with my girls , shopping , do some fun stuff u knw , and i just cant wait to get over spm ! tht is my aim ! haha, well i must say tht am nt too excited fr this upcuming raye laa, sorry evryone :( . so mybe i wont do 'raye' la kut , i mean am nt guin to anybdy house excpt fr my cousins , other tht that nahh , sorry ya . i just dn feel like raye , plus need to stdy fr spm . so basically raye 2009 meant nothing to me . huh, hw sucks .

nik with mat

today saye layan tidur smpai pukul 3 dan smbung blik sehingga pukul 7 , mandi mandi bukak puase terus haa kan nikmat tu kan kan? haha , well terbukti puase saye da batal err , awa said my voice semakin kecil mcm kanak kanak , pelik btul saye mndengarnya haha tak kesa la. :) errr itu je la. hihihihi

Thursday, September 10, 2009

bila tiba sejarah

okay sej sucks, it is soo sucks until i wnt to kill pple who invnted it ! WHY ? you're so mean:( i hate you mr.sejarah , nways its only 2 months left fr me to read and memories it all up . so its gonna be 61 days more and after tht i swear i never open tht book which has full of history in it .i wont even look at the book ! okay ? get it ? , haha.okay tukar topic, so i drove to school haha *bangge budak ni , but only fr 3 days, yeahhh 3 hari je nak bangge plak ayu ni kan? haha,and yes today is fridy and nw im still wearin my unifrm, malas nak mandi and all . nak menikmati bau busuk diri sndiri dulu haha *wangiieee :') okay! next update coming up ! chayang awax cemua la! MuAhXzZz sEe uU........... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA ; ayat bodoh . :)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

11 things imma head :) just won't happen . sorry.
2.oh yeah he's liar , a big fat pig liar ! bibaibiba
3.he has found the right one , happy fr him :)
4.okay ive lost 9 marks , bibabibabi
5.oh miss hadi so much . he's at beijing :(
6.aqila kalah dalam cabaran tht we had kt nando's tu haha
7.mai and fana is soo in love ,parip-pari pusing atas kepala
8.yazmin has slim down a bit hehe *bangge kan?
9.and yeah ayu too :)
10.ridz totally the head
11.nana and pika i mishayouuu
*done :)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

mingle baby

okay im officially 6 mnths single :) yeppie me ! haha never stay this long like forever. and im kinda proud of myself actually. so far so good and yeah smetimes its kinda boring not to hve a boyf , but those feeling are just tmporary je. and now i feel great with my life , no fight no tears .is it sound great ? :') YEAHHH . haha . but i do hve someone tht i admire , well trying to keep to myslf actually cause i dn hve time to think bout this silly thing AGAIN. and yeah im in the process to make a new record by stying single baby, hehe . but sometimes i do admit tht i sort of jeles with my girlfriends with their boyf, almost all of them own a boyf kutt. haha so when i hngout with them , they will bring along their boyf , and to seeing them manje manje really make me akward fr some reason. haha .but im okay with it , SINGLE RULES ! haha :')

Saturday, September 5, 2009


oh , i love my girls . so smgt nk list my ahyang ahyang nii hehe
qila fana mean zima nana amnana daia kiki pika adina paan putri mya ferra meimei

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


hello syg :) haha geli je , okay okay tomorrow here comes trial . like bull bull shittt haram betul la . da lah first paper physics! gosh,horrible. so no fooling around and tv . okay tv dikecualikan , haha i cant live without it la :) .so no flirt ,no boyfie boyfie ,no lesbian and all tht. ketepikannnn. haha. and now its all bout books . yes , BOOKS. kiri kanan depan belakang atas bwah all books ! ha jadi ulat buku smentara waktu la ye cik ayu ini :) ish ishhh , so wish me luck fr the trial ya:) god willing !