Thursday, October 29, 2009

29 10

today i had fun with atiqah anuar , haha. we spent our time stdying from 2 until 7.40 at mcd je .well, tell u the truth agak dua jam je stdy then we strted to get merapu and all tht. we talked a lot , mcm mcm crita keluar, all the sad happy funny smua laaa. hahaha . well we didnt plnned pun to meet , tiba tiba i went to mcd alone then jumpa dia . soo she ws alone too so kita pun stdy je sme2 . turn out tht paan alwys go to mcd to stdy ,even paan da buat kawan kut dgn wrkers kt mcd tu hahaha. mntk fb and all , sooo as i ws sying we stdied math and addmth.then we stopped fr a while cause otak agk da sesat, then we strted to bkk crita, gedebak gedebummm smuaa, i realised tht our luck is on the sme track, a heartbroken track laa. hahaha , so we end up like talk shitt bout guys, :) then tiba tiba we both like 'i need someone! ' with the sad face and all tht. haha. da sengal kan. yelaa mcm ni la bila kita 'unwanted ' rite paan? we end up created gelaran fr us , it is 'unwanted girl' .gila sedih kan? haha .while we tgh gilaa then there ws this one car prked infront of us. it ws a guy , and he's damnn cute gila babiii , plus he ws alone HAHA . i told paan and paan like OMG AYUUUUUU HOT GILA ! PAAN NK NMBOR THT GUY PLEEASSEEE ! hahahahaha. gila btul la dua prpmpuan ni. so we're like usha tht guy . damnnn, sumpah kelakar. tkthu la tht guy prasan ke tak. well this is wht happen bila dua girl hving a 'patah hati' heeee. then smbung stdy blik, and stop blik pkul 5.30 , and we were so bored gilaaa .so we plnned to jalan2 mrayau kt ttc . tgh jalan kitorg merapuu lagi. gelak tk igt duniaa. and yg pling tkleh bla bila smpai kt ttc we srrounded with couple .pandang dpan blakang kiri kanan atas smua laa ! all couples ! DAMNNN, we're like WHYY GOD WHYY ? hahahahaha. pple kt situ pun pelik je tgk kitrg. tak kesa laa kann. then we sat kt tgga dpan tasik . so trying to calm down. then there was a group of guy tiba tiba main bola dpan kitorg soo start mengusha lgi , tpi sorg je yg cumel. yg lain tak. hahahahaha teruk btul laaa. soo kitorg bla cause da pkul 7 , tiba tiba paan tak tahan nk kencing ! so klm kbut cri tndas kt ttc tu then jumpaa. and yg plik lawak nya the girl bthroom TAADA AIR ! damnnn , paan da mnjerit tk than nk peee. hahahaha . and turn out we went to the opposite sex bthroom ! hahaha ! ade air kutt then tk kesa a kan da nk bocor tu kan .msuk je la bkn ade org. hahahaha so tht was the first time we went there. agk creepy . hahahaha.then gelak2 smpai mcd blik , so we headed home at 7.40 . heeeeeee. tht's end of our crap :)

Monday, October 26, 2009


HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHHAA:( , ignore my itik voice.i just wnt to dedicate this freaking song to tht prticular prson. well i need to move on babe, hve a nice day.


yes, thnks mai fr the advice :) really apprciate it . smtimes being selfish is the best thing to do.i hv lots of things in my mind but all i did at the end of the day is laugh and enjoy evry moment of it. i admit tht i kinda down lately, but things happen fr a reason kan? so i decided to move on and never look back and evrytime when i felt lonely i know there alwys a pple tht i love waiting to cheer me up again . and these pple means a lot to me . thnks fr making my day. i really do love you guys.

Saturday, October 24, 2009


okay apip i admit it. i love NSN hahahahahahaa see ! he's so cute baby :)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

22 10.

hello world . i am damnnn screwed hahahahahaha. im hving a brain damage :))))))) i feel like i wnt to fly away and away without no tired of being human . damnnn hahahahaha shit all you guys, well not you or maybe it is you ? haha im guin nuts nw, damn im so stressed man, i cant think anymore all i do is laugh as hard as i can ! and i dn knw wht the hell am i duin tht ? mybe by duin tht i can feel myslef gain.duh im tired of crying mcm babiii lagi. buang mase tahu tak? pple do this to me . heh ,bodoh. well in this case im the one who being so stupid. wasting all my time fr nothing . hahahahah i really need my sister . REALLY . well fr the past few days i tried to call one of my bestfriend but she didnt ans and also didnt call back , and it sucks. she's not there when i need her. nonsense kan smua ni but i dn blame her. its 12.34 and i hve no mood to sleep . i really need smeone to talk with :(. and fr sure i will nt gonna frgive pple who made me like this. never. i tried evrything to make pple happy . but wht i realised now, half of them dn even appreciate it. WTF ? . damn im tired okay. spm is 3 weeks more. i am so sad now. i cant think anymore. HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME MANNN? shitt.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

serabut gilaa

AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !! theres only 33 days left to die ! OMG and why am i still writing this crap ? oh i really hve to pickup myslf back on, seriously. i need to get 5 a's yeahh tht would be enuff. okay ayu WAKEUP GO STUDY LIKE HELL NOW ! ohh shitttt damn ayu damn why are u so malas . oh god help me :( geez . okay off. off ayu !

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


HE'S FREAKING COWARD , yes he is. done talk.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


u said tht im close with her, u said tht she's nt a friend material, u said tht she's easy to frget her bestie,u said she's nthpape, u said she's a freak,u said she's wht pple call a liar, u said alots . but non of it is true, u said tht she frget friends easy but as far as i cncern you're the one who did tht. you both are my friends and i really love you guys . and also you both da hbis skola but the only prson tht still keep in touch with me, asking me my day is her instead of you. raya pun you didnt come to my house ,wht ? then u ckp dia yg bukan friend material? well HELLO sistaa , i dn care hw much you hate her but all i knw is she's better thn you. so wake up and stop saying bad things bout pple, look at urself first cause it is much worst tht others. well sorry .

Sunday, October 4, 2009

kay ching!

how's life ?
a lil bit like a hell shit,
a lot of probs duhfy,
well its more bout feelings la . and also my study .
wht's wrong with it?
evrything fall apart
then,wht do u wanna do now?
trying to frget all the things tht mkes me sad,recover it all up la
ur wish fr nw is?
to get evrything tht i wish for
wht do u wish for?
diam la, adela

Friday, October 2, 2009

hell shit

i am so stress :( .a lot of thing guin on lately urhh .i wish i cn fly and go away frm here ,tht would be nice .i cnt wait to go aust , after spm here i come aust ! am gonna stay there until i get better i guess. just wnt to get away frm all the shitty . and im trying my best to frget bout this someone but seems tht i cnt do it and i dn knw wht the hell is wrong with me ! mybe cause dah fall fr tht guy kut ,shitt. plus my result is like hell bad ,teruk gila gilaaaaa omg nth la evrything mcm fall apart je . im a mess . :( help me