Wednesday, March 31, 2010


heyo people:) howyaduin?
im duin fine and yeah i love evrything tht hppen to me lately.god bless :) BUT am nt too happy to find out tht my friends are fighting wit their own tears . its so sad and i hate pple make them like tht. stupid guys!why cant you take care of my friend's feeling? HELLO, let me tell you mr , this girl loves you so much tht she willing to giveup evrything just fr you! she dnt flirt with others,she's nt a hoo-haaa girl , she care lots bout you! but WHY ARE YOU DUING THIS TO HER MAN? jerk enuff? damnn,this is the main problem with guys. they just do not know how to treat a girl well.all they did is put up some sweet words then bumm you got her , then you strt acting like shit. why? i just dn get it.humm im so pissed .they are the major reason why most of my girlfriend let out tears. i just wish things diff. and fr you my dear yazmin and paan please dnt let this guy(jerks) get into you. do not let out you tears bcause of them. its not worth it okay? :( i hate seeing you guys like this.

Saturday, March 27, 2010


i miss the old days so bad :(
nak nangisssss!

Friday, March 26, 2010


so i just finished reading zima's blog, fuhh tht girl alwys hs smthing to write. overall i enjoy reading her blog since i miss her so much ! but then i got touched reading 'earth hour 2009' by her, she told bout how she and azri meet up fr the first time and it was so sweet :') i wish i cn hve sweet memories like tht.haha.but since im still solo so i guess mybe i cn get tht kind of meet up someday ! haha!okay, currently ive lost my voice, gila rockstar jugak lah suara ni. haiyahh bila lah nak ade suare blik? gezzyhh. oh yestrday i went out with qila ,we went to ou . we watched the 'lovely bones' and let me tell you smthing. the movie was GREAT .you shud go and watch it mann . zero rgret hihi :) so we had lots of fun and lots of weird things happend kt sne . with the pakguard and tht bangla guy haha sure you dn hve any idea wht im talking bout right?well let us keep it to ourself :) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 TOODLES!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


i always thot bout how am i guin to make myself feel cmfort when i step on to the college world.smtimes this thing gives me the chill haha and i dnt know .mybe its the whole new thing fr me ,i mean no more highschool instead im a grown up girl whose trying her best to fit in.just hoping tht im guin to make the best out of me .SO i got 2 choice, first is uitm and anther one would be nt too thrill joining limkkwing cause all my friends r guin to uitm.soo hoping to get uitm ! :) . oh i had a weird dream lately where i kind of worried bout it. but pple often says tht its only a dream,you should'nt be worried and bla bla bla. thts true.but the thing is the dream tht i had involving pple who already 'dead' to me. so thts kinda weird.does it means tht mybe these pple will come into my life AGAIN? hummm,-_- well move onnn pplee. so guess thts all fr today. i dn hve much things to talk, a little dull .srry guys.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


heyy, it is the middle of the night and im bored to death again ! and when im bored ill do things tht pple wouldnt do, haha. lets giggle HEHHEEHEHHE alrite done :) . so im currently still single and well ive been single fr one year and 2 months .and honestly pple, i feel great! but actually being a single is a tough job. i mean you hve to pretend tht you hve smeone but actually you are nt . haha. fr me being single is nt a bad thing at all,but i got to admit smtimes i kinda down cause i dnt have someone special' in other word 'boyfie' , but its a nrmal reaction. smtimes i would say things like 'babe,i need someone, and bla bla bla' and its only temporary, when its the end of the day i would say 'heyy,i love being single baby :)' .haha so basically its kinda up and down situation but its okay, its fun being confusing smtimes -_- hihi. and another thing tht when i went out with my babes they will bring along their boyfriend so its kinda akward sometimes(not always) when they kinda being manja-manjeing with each other,and when i feel akward ill laugh fr no reason,AKWARD:p but dnt get me wrong guys im cool bout you bring along your boyfie :) just only a lil split time im nagging bout it. haha. SO actually i dnt know why am i writing this single chapter but well im bored so i just wrote things tht popped out of me, so i guess ive been thinking bout how good being single is , mybe ill try to make myself feel better by looking the positive way of being single'-_-, yeahhh. well pple keep asking me why am i still single , do i hve flirt, do i a choosy kind of prson? well, im nothing like tht. first, i like to hve someone , i mean thts cool aite.but fr the time being i would like to stay by this status and mybe some day if i found the right one , mybe ill go to the next step :) so just go with the flow, theres nothing fr me to rush things up. plus, i am guin to college, and i am guin to meet new pple*ehem haha .so just chill and lets enjoy evry moment :) tehehehehe.


hello readers,
today is 17 march and currently bored to death. oh i just passed my jpj test and it feels so relieve:P fuhhh, thnks god ! well as you all knw spm rsult has cme out and i just got tutt a's ,but luckily i manage to take the course tht i want, but am nt sure which college shud i go. later ill decide, soo actually i had enuff with this one prson. he used to be a good friend of mine and then out of nowhre he strted to change and turn to smeone tht i rarely known and i dislike the new him , but hnestly i dnt think im guin to treat him like the way i treated him sorry. but i dn need a friend like you.well enuff said bout him.and another thing tht i dislike is when my bestfriend pick her lovely boyfie(jerks) out of me. i mean what kind of bestfriend did tht. well i can tell you. it is bff (best faker friend). huhh, let me tell you some facts,your boyfriend doesnt even care much bout you and i knw tht cause i knw wht he did behind you, so stop nagging ,stop backup your boy cause its nt worth it okay? and please girl,standup by your own, dnt let some guy cntrol your life, it is so LAME . well thts all i can say, dn get me wrong , i dnt hate you but i just hate pple tht cant stand by their own, and i say this cause i care bout you. so up to you. if anybody who read this and terase with my words, am nt guin to say sorry, just wakeup and think wisely. im done.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


happy engagement my darling sister :')


i pass:P yes no more illegal driving anymore ! :)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

first song!

i've been working fr the three words to say to you,
and tht's all ive been thinking,
you hve been the one tht i adore,
when the first time i saw you,
you so cute when you smile and you great in evrything you do,
your the guy in my dreams tht ive keep on searching,
and now i found you,

please stay fr me and never letgo my words,
cause you are the only soul tht i need,
you make me feel tht i am flying in the air,
in evry moment tht i go,

every step and evry breath you fill me in,
is like a world full with rainbow,
just another day you took my heart away,
and it feels so much better,

you so good in your life and you great in evrything you do,
your the guy in my dreams tht ive keep on searching,
and finally i found you,

please stay fr me and never letgo my words,
cause you are the only one in my heart,
you make me feel tht i am flying in the air,
in every moment tht i go,

so start believing wht u hear,
so start to open up your heart,
and give me the chance to show you who i am
ive been working for the three words to say to you
and tht is,

*the title of this song is 'SPOKEN' by me :). well its explain how a girl trying to express her feelings towrds the guy tht she fall in love with. oh and this song hs nthing to do with me actually.i wrote it jst fr fun :) tht's all.please leave a comment. jing! *and oh,horrible voice today.i know-_- .

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


hey people ! i just sign myself up at formspring. this is my acc ''
you can ask me any question you want. but pleasee ask me a relevent one. im beggin' you :)
well thts all.

Friday, March 5, 2010


i know u guys hv already talked bad bout me . i know i was being a jerk and for tht im sorry. this is the first time i made a huge kinda stupid mistake . im nt suppose to do tht to you. seriously from the bottom of my heart IM SORRY .really :( just hoping we cn be like we used to.pple make mistakes and im nt writing this fr ur sympathy or whteva. i just wnt you to know tht i am fully regret . sorry.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


a new post from me again . its 12.30 am . well ive been thinking bout posting new things evryday but unfrtunately im nt a storyteller kind of prson. i mean i talk a lot. yes i do , fuhhh bet u cn ask my friend hw much i talk without stop. but no worries i will nt make you annoyed with me o whtsoeva. i just love to talk and talk :) . and oh i love writing too but nt as much as a like to talk, .lets do some survey shall we? how many of you thinks tht writing is way better than talking? anyone? i know im nt in tht group. haha. OBVIOUSLY talking is way better than writing cause when we talk we cn hear the voice tht really can relate with tht prson's feeling. you cn feel tht emotion so well rather than u read it rite?. thts why common pple love to watch movies more than just read a book. but im nt saying tht we dn hve to read. dn get me wrong. read is smthing tht u must do .for exmple . harry potter the movie,the stry was tken frm a book rite and they turn it to the real world. in my opinion, if there were no such thing as a harry potter movie i dnt think pple will know hw great the story is,until they turn it to a movie where finally pple watch it. then they will realize how great is the movie and from tht they strted to buy the original book and read it .so thts how certain pple makes ha:) . but i do admit the original book is way advnterous and exciting okayyy. i think i need to stop now. time to go eat.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


okay today was one of my pissed day ever -_- , i had jpj test this mrning and it did nt turn out like i aspected to. plus, it is much worst than wht i cn imagine !fyi i failed on both section. first it was the section whre we hv to do prking and all other stuff and ive made a silly mstake actually when i was trying to do 'tiga penjuru' .this was a silly mistake laa. haaa, my car was outside the box so i failed. huh.then it was on the road.okayy this is the pissed part ! THE JPJ'S IS SO FUCKING ASS-HOLE ! my god . i hate him so so much! okay let me tell you the details, first when i got inside the car he or should i call IT strted to yelled at me in things tht wasnt need to yelled for. then he used the word 'ishh, orang mcm nii ! " and i was like WHAT THE HELL? asshole. this happend when i dn even had the chance to strt the car yet. cn u imagine how stupid this guy acted.well it doesnt mean when u're the jpj's you cn do whtever you want or you can just yelled at pple's face. DUDE GET A LIFE LAHHHHH. this guy ha ill bet he's 20 plus and i knw he's new thts why he acted like a jerk face. i mean come on mann u're just JPJ .no big deal okayy, thou you hve the power to pass or failed us it doesnt mean tht u cn be rude ! daymmm. really pissed off. oh did i tell you i had a fight with this guy. it happend like this .after he failed me.he took over the car and drove it to the strt point then i got out of the car with the face and i went to the other side to take my bag. an accidently the car door tht i was guin to open kinda hit the jpj's . it was sort like a little bump . it is so little then the jerk yelled at me by saying 'awak tak nmpak saya ke!' and i was like I HAD ENUFF WITH YOU .whtevahhhhh i dn care. it was a just a little bump so who cares? bodoh. daymm i hate him so much. so i just walk away .i pissed at him and he also pissed back.well who's being an asshole ? obviously it was HIM. and yeahh thts how much it turns out. i dn really hve the mood to repeat the shit. im just wondering why this jpj pple hve to be rude and arrogant? some say they are just trying to make us nervous. but then wht the use? they are just making pple hate them . gosh. humm so suka tak suka i hve to repeat it and the dad's advice "you just act like dunno,if he yelled or whtever shit tht he says you just hold it, calm down,just put on ur mind tht i want to pass so tht i dn hve to do or see the asshole jpj's face again,then when u already pass u cn show the one finger sign to him' hahahaha. alrite,tht's cool rite. hum so if you guys still dn hve the licence and you're bout to please be carefull with the jerks. trust me they can be the king of the notice tht.huh