Thursday, July 30, 2009


ey tomorrow brthday my sista ! OMG , tak beli present lagi ! this is bad man! urhhhhhhh

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


halaluyah peeps ! :) i skip school today yeahh ! and nw im still in my pyjamas well i know most pple think tht is so chhildish, i mean who still wear pyjamas to sleep ? i know i do :) i love comfy pj's ! haha and i dun give a shit wht pple say ,tehee. oh ! i just got my biology and physics paper ! bio marks is so damn damn bad mann, it was very HODOHH to look at. and my physics is okay la fr me , at least i hve improvement so yeah me :) . humm hey do you ever think tht might be somewhere in this world there will be someone who is meant fr you , as we all know god has already match us with our prfect prtner aite, so these thingy has been on my mind lately and i dn knw why, just curious bout it. let just imagine tht u got bumped with a guy who is complete stranger and who knws mybe tht prson is your match or mybe ur worst enemy could also be ur match! . okay, tht kind of scary, but evything is possible rite? and doesn't mean tht the prson you're in love rite nw is ur match , it could be anyone else . haha am i scare you or wht , well this is just my opinion, :) .might be true and might not .it dpends on individual .
* just a piece of my mind :)

Monday, July 27, 2009


hey , just got home from tuition. and im kind of bored so decided to post a new blog so here i am writing this crap , well im duing great with my life. let jst say tht i am way better than before , my result is improving , so thnks fr god :) . really trying my best to improve more so tht i can achieve tht 6 a's and get accept to any good U or college . and nw im having this problem , well is not tht big problem it just tht i am still hve no clue wht course am i guin to take after spm . i was like clueless gila gila but one thing fr sure im nt gonna take any course tht got something to do with biology or physic! my brain will gone crazy if i take tht course! haha. there are too much of reading and thinking at the same time i just cant deal with it. so i was thinking to take culinary art ,its kind of my things . and it's a lot of fun thou , cooking western food and duin some dessert and the most imprtant part is tht we dn have to squeeze our brain like hell . haha . but unfrtunately my dad didn't think that course would fit me in , he said tht i am a kind of girl who dunt get much involved in this cooking thingy , well he was right . i dun even know how to cook at all. haha but i love baking cakes and do some cute little cupcakes:) . so the culinary art thing is still gonna stay on my list . so the second one i would like to take hotel mngement :), we can learn hw to mnage a hotel and might be someday if i success i would open my own hotel HAHAHA well im just hoping ritee ? its imposible and i knw tht but its nt wrong fr me to dream rite haha . so tht is one of my choice. sooooo the last one and also the one tht my daddy thinks it is the best fr me is 'pharmacist' , well i could accept tht :) but fr now i hve way imprtant things to do and tht is to achieve 6 a's ,amin :) god willing !

Friday, July 24, 2009

new freak smile,

hello,HAI, im ayu and strting frm tday onwards i own a freak smile.HAHA dare to laugh ? *bersinar

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

who comes first?

having a boyf or girlf dn give you the right to ignore your friends, if you dnt agree with me ,well "congratulations,you're a jerk"

Monday, July 20, 2009

up and down

yesterday i had fun with these two people : azura , she's my sista and her boyf kane. anyway, these are the things tht we've been duin all day long


AND we're actually in the middle of the road but dunt worry there were no cars passing thru pun and macm agak pelik jugak la .anyway, kane ask me to help him to take his picture cause he wnted to join the modelling thingy* , so wht the heck tolong jela kan tapi mesti kene blnje makanlah lepas tu kan kan haha HARUS .so this are the smple pictures i took,

* gambar tidak lah selawa sperti the real photogrpher amik ,well im still in the process to learn :), and yeahhh my picture tiada dlam ini kerana saye phtographer nya. so poor me :( well next time i will make those pple take my picture pulak ! lalalalaa~ :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

chipsmore cookies

*kejap ada , kejap takde , itulah dia :)

here me up

ayu is ready fr something new

Saturday, July 11, 2009

1.30 am

i wish i can turn back the time so that i will hve a chance to change my life back,let jst say tht i'm not too satisfied by the way i managed my life. "can you turn bck the time god? pleaseee, :( " can you start it from 2004 . please please pleasee .err call me crazy ?well i am now :( . i wish there was smthing i can do to make it easier fr me . haishhh *

Thursday, July 9, 2009

swing swing :)

i saw him huwaaaaaaa :DDDDD *GEMBIRA SGT . and i dnt know why i keep on smiling after tht :)) . oh god am i fallling in love with him ? OHHHH ,gila btul .
well jst wnted to say tht im totally happy today ! haha. oh and im getting braces soon, what do i need to noe ya? okay, so im getting some braces put on pretty soon, in approximately 2 weeks and im totally nervous and excited at the same time.the upside to this is that im going to have straight teeth, yeah:D well i would like to know everything about the process of getting braces put on. Does it hurt? err,do I have to brush my teeth every single time after i eat? is there a special floss i have to use? Can I chew gum? heee :)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

sleeping head

I NEED TO SLEEP , i am so tired ! err, i wish i cn sleep all day long without being dsturb . uhhh tht would be sooo heaven :) well spm is just around the corner and im still nt ready fr it . well trying my best to achieve 6 a's , oh yeahh 6 a's still good enuff aite, i mean do i hve to achieve fr 9a's? errr , still mahu 6 A jugk . haha pelik btul lah ayu nii . i'm sick of guin to school evryday .huhhh , eee cam tk sukaa gila and i dnt knw why i felt tht way,okay no worries la ayu its only 4 mnths left and im done with school ! :D , really cnt wait to get my license and my own car of course :) . alrite,enuff fr today, guin to sleep ! :))

*mari tengok mamat bawah nii . cumel kan kan?HAHA:D

Friday, July 3, 2009

stephen coletti,


my supermannnnnn (!) -OHHH

Thursday, July 2, 2009