Wednesday, February 24, 2010


im so pissed pfftttt-____-
OMG daymnnn bencinyaaaa. i hate guys, guys are jerk , stupid.
i just dn get guys, if they hate so much then why dn they deleted us from their miserble life ! but nooo, instead of duin tht they just keep us in their freaking life. then when we girls try to be nice and apologize fr all the bad things tht we hve done then they will ignore us by acting like a bullshit jerk ! daymm i had enuff with guys! driving me nuts ! geez , why are u guys love to make things complicated. a good advice fr you pple who been called as a 'GUY' stop make evrything complicated! if you hate the prson then please act like you hate them .dunt act like you okay with it but inside u're not.its so lameee! and girls hate it ! alrite . daymmmm shit all this guys .

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Monday, February 22, 2010


people.the result will come out soon. im nervous and scared. really mann, why so soon? oh i got to tell you tht ive been dreaming bout the day and i got 4 a's and 5 credits. is it possible? humm daymm this kind of things really gives me the chill. some pple say its on 16 of march .fuhhhhh-----NIGHTMARE. well when the day come i just hope for the best. pfffttttt *shit

Sunday, February 21, 2010


wahhh . like usual 'IM BORED' daymmm, i often say this word over and over and smtimes its annoyed me -_- . since i dn hve things to write ,nothing intrsting to tell i will tell you wht kind of things tht ive done , haha i know its guin to be a bor-iiing post but i dn care , hahaha . okay, first thing first i like to read pple's blog cause its fun. especially my friends blog like yazmin ,zima ,and paan. most of the post is much bout them and thts wht i like to read bout . i dn know wether they also read my blog but if they did *thanks a lot ,i loivee you:p xoxo. hihi. soo here i hve a bestfriend who is known as yazmin yusoff, like i mntion before she has her own blog, the things tht she post most likely about her life, her crazyness and also bout artist tht she admire like bigbang ,cristofer drew(which i admire too) he's so cute ! .haha .alrite, soo i like to read her blog.hoping for her to post new blog cause its been a long time after she wrote her last blog , so babe i waiting for your new post, so hurry up! im bored here can you see! muahaha. so go to hazimah nooruddin , this girl i tell you she loves loves loves to write blog, almost evryday i open my blog here she is with her new post , and im sooo happy cause i cn read new things. so im nt tht bored i guess, haha. as far as i hve read her blog, she likes to talk about things tht recently happen in our world and its smthing tht fun and knwldgble to read .ill bet she can write book smeday , :) she has a gud story to tell .smtimes about her life and smting tht she does not satisfied with ,overall i enjoy read her blog and know her update .:) so the next prson is atiqah anuar, daymmm this girl can really write a book ! the way she write her blog is amazing , i mean out of 10 pple , mybe 2 can write like her, its fun thou read her update .she will talks bout things tht it didnt even cross our mind to write out about hey babe i know you tired of working but i know you are cn do it and i miss you!hummm,well i think thts all tht i can share with you, adios baby :)

Monday, February 15, 2010


haha. we were so bored so decided to merapu,the guy in this video is HIRZI and he's one of my good friend :).actually we did a lot of vids using his phone and this is the one he choose to upload in utube so enjoy. :) a deeper conversation cover from me and hirzi .*gitar sengauuu.well wht to do *sighh

Thursday, February 11, 2010


hello, chinese new year is cuming soon. and tomorrow im gonna head to trgganu for 4 days, really not a big fan of it actually. but either how i hv to go cause one of my cousin are getting married. so happy upcoming pengantin yaw :) . this week has been a tough week ,cause ive been strggle to make to hollywood fr season 9 american idol. believe me? haha ! nah just joking. i wish :). oh im guin to hve jpj test this 23 of feb, and im feeling good bout it. emmm i hve a secret , and since this is my blog i cn say whtever i want .so i decided to tell my secret . haha . em well boys and girls ! jengjengjengjengjengjengjeng. i think i like someone . :) HAHAHAHAHAHAHA its an old friend of mine. humm so i guess i just go with the flow .but im not looking fr a serious relationship or whtsoeva. just need to remind myself tht i hve someone to admire :) .so please dnt ask me who is the guy cause i wont tell .trust me it will it worst.well i guess thts all fr today.adios baby !

Monday, February 8, 2010


im bored -_________________- MEMBUTAAA

Sunday, February 7, 2010


im officially one-year single :P

Thursday, February 4, 2010


its 2 am and im bored-_- so i learned a new song, well actually it was an old song. but im still a big fan of it :). all the covers tht ive seen was ama-ziing ,unfortunately im nt as good as them so i decided to selambek je buat chord and plucking sendiri.yes,hahaha .but turns out ada bunyi la jugak :P, oh ye notice my suare serak tak?hahahaha.biajela serak serak baru rocktarr haha sengal, well i wnted to dedicate this song to AZIMA cause i really miss her and hoping for her to come here someday :)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


simple cover for my awesome friends. :) iloveyou guys


hello . :)

alrite , today i went iceskating ! haha. its fun .iyala. it suppose to be fun rite? kalau tak for wht nak pegi betul tk? yeahh :) .so actually we didnt plnned it. tiba tiba cam nak pegi, but i wish qila,mean,zima,am,nana,adib,daus,pika,paan,mariam were there :( tapi tak muat kereta. plus cm tak plan from the start. hummm its sure gonna be more fun if these pple ada. humm tkpe once i get my licence then we go ramai ramai. convoi .hahahaha. okay.ill promise tht :) humm , oh im gonna be hadi's future pilot . hahaha yeahh mann, im gonna be a pilot .daddy yang suro jadi ,he said tht he gonna support me if im willing jadi pilot. means tht i dn hve to strggle a lot . hadi uruskan. haha. so i just masuk school dia and try to make dad proud. well these are the reason kenapa tibatiba ayu taada mmberontak tentang pilot ini.

1.girl be a pilot. okay,thts huge and cool . haha
2.the income is hugee
3.can travel
4.boleh bawak plane, okay tak banyak orang boleh bwak, CERTAIN pple shaja.haha
5.cause im lovin it :)

well thts it i guess. haha. :))