Sunday, August 30, 2009



Friday, August 28, 2009

my heart will go on, :(

im losing my mind . im cnfused . i had a strange dream lately and i hate it , its already 1.17 am and i still cant sleep . thinking bout all the probs is just making
me feel uninspired, just wnted to say tht i am truly sorry , i give you hope and i let u down. im sorry . i just cant get over it . so stupid la.babbiiiiiiii betul. so to clear up my mind. i listen to this. very relaxing thou,she's 16 but yet has an amazing voice ,

Saturday, August 22, 2009

back !

okay fuhhh, hello bloggers im back :) i feel gud with myslf actually, i mean wht not to like if you skip school fr one whole week . haha yess mista i skip school fr five days but this hs nthing to do with the lazyness thou, i had a bad cold . so bad until i cant even stand up or eat or even watching tv ! all i can do is lay down on my busuk bed. horrible. and nw i miss my friends so so much lagi lagi miss aqila . haha lame tk jmpa my sygg sorg tuu , imissyoubabe ! oh yeah heard u already got ur license , congrates! so nw u cn drive ur fr four hehehe. as fr me , i still hve to wait after spm lah kan . haa sedih haha but its okay , at least i know hw to drive :) .soo speaking of spm, our trial is one week more, gila kan? yes, memang gila . im guin nuts now, dead meat betul .so hve to struggle fr this one week la , covered all up . smpt ke? tak sempat. yes i know .haishhhh but i try , and yeah happy fasting guys ! :)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

mini me


yess, this car :( vewyy vewyy badddd , look hw cute they are on the street ! :( ohhhhh,

here me up

well wnted to tell you smthing , i give up! clearly she's way beautiful pretty and oh yeah slimmer than me . so no wnder he likes her.well i dn blame anyone bout it.kelakar kan smua ni? i never like smeone who doesnt likes me back , this is the first time thou and i nw knw hw it felt when tht prson did nt rspond at all , its sucks .haha. so nw im trying to get over this stupid thingy ,it was just a waste of time . so trying to make a new mission. haha ! ohh dn wrry , im okay :) . a lil down thou , but wht the heck ,no need fr me to cry and do stupid thing right?.so im cool with it .
next year im done with school , and hello UNIVERSITY LIFE:)) , just cant wait to grow up . haha . to hve my own car, my own space ,and yeahh my own boyf . haha! so hey here me up guys ! im done talk bout him ! :) so after this you dnt hve to listen me saying his name anymore cause i wont do tht again! haha . im over him lah babe :) and yeah u guys are right, all this while im just wasting my time je kan ? like someone who likes other girl . yeahhhh bunyi agak stupid , i admit tht . so this has to stop nw. so gudbye my history ! i dnt like you anymore:) i am single mingle triple baby! haha!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


i am too lazy to walk , to stand to talk even tido pun smakin malas as if like my world mcm ade org tutup suis. evrything hitam and white shaja mcm tv yang lame brkurun kurun itu , am not happy,excited or sad or hyper crazy smart but fr sure am not dumb, itu semestinya . i still hve my brain yg byk myumbatkan ilmu science and it has to stop or else my brain will gone crazy and explode, erhhh tidak mau :( . so skrg too lazy fr evrything even study and all . ohh but i am ready to enjoy myslf by watching movie ! 'the proposal' pleasseeeee ! and guess wht i dun even got a chance to watch trnsformer ,ya allah ! yes i know its horrible tidak bleh diterima but thts the truth :( terase bagai diri ini kuno tiba tiba . okay, ayat da mcm skema nii . haha . well busan sgt . jum tgk wyang jummmmmmmm mari semua bangkit dari tidur study makan ! and fllow me to cinema mariiii *duit tiket sndirian brhad harap mklum.:)

Saturday, August 8, 2009


fr some reason , i like this picta a lot haha ! i like the way tht cat looking at the fish and also
that kid! :) well i like kids a lot thou , hehe . hey,perasan tk tht kid punya rmbut mncacak sedikitt, haha cumel gilaa sumpah geram! :)) and and tht cat dgn muka dia yg hbis blurrr gila . haha
well whoever took this picture is brilliant ! full of imagination,cuteness,the colour,the envirnment and all tht, hehe ilikeit a lot :)!


today sucks. really pissed off rite nw huh.i just got home from shopping .actually this mrning fana and all ajak pegi jalan 2 cause they hve sort of crnival guin on ,well i went dwnstairs and told bout my dad bout it then my dad ckp they are all are guin fr shopping so i was like okayy shopping its more fun lah kan . so i went shopping instead of hving fun with my babes, then i bought a new purse ,its pink colour thou,girlish sedikit haha. then shits hppened! as we were on the way out i just realised tht the purse ade sedikit koyakk ! and it looks so ugly da :( . i mcm babiiiiiiiiii betul, so i went gain to tht shop asked fr rplacement, then paling bodo lagi tht girl ckp 'oh,tht was the last one' ha lagi mcm babiiiiiiii. so dia suruh choose purse lain plak , and my face was like nk cincang cincang this girl grrr sbar lagi :+ , then i diam je . then my mum tiba tiba ckp 'its okay, mummy rplace with hndbag so tkpyah u beli lagi,next time kita tgk kt tmpat lain'
then i macm thnk you mama! muka kembali brseri hehehe :)) .so mummy bought hndbag. and me nothing ,how sad :( but its okay,then my dad kate 'next time no need la beli guess tu, daddy tgk mcm tk bgus' and i was like NOOOOOO, i like it :( . still wnt it! haha degil . then on the way back i slept in the car ,too tired ! bila smpai rumah tgk2 ade buah mate kucing , haha rupa2 my dad smpt pegi pasar kjp mse i tgh tido haha, i suka gila buah tu kut so my anger kurang sikit . hehe
tu je

Friday, August 7, 2009


Did you forget
That I was even alive
Did you forget
Everything we ever had
Did you forget
About me
Did you regret
Ever standing by my side
Did you forget
What we were feeling inside
Now I’m left
To forget
About us
But somewhere we went wrong
We were once so strong
Our love is like a song
You can’t forget it
So now I guess
This is where we have to stand
Ever holding my hand
Did you regret
Never again
Please don’t forget
Don’t forget
We had it all
We were just about to fall
Even more in love
Than we were before
I won’t forget
I won’t forgetAbout us
And at lastAll the pictures have been burned
And all the past
Is just a lesson that we’ve learned
I wont forget it
I wont forget
about us
*again, has nothing to do with me :) anyway enjoy !


sale sane sini its like OMG heaven sungguhh dunia ni ,tak sangka :') , operasi penghabisan duit kini bermula !

Thursday, August 6, 2009


hey monday,
scndhand srnade,
dear juliet,
the maine,
boys like girls,
liz phair,
the academy,
sum 41,
new found glory,

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

i hve a boo boo,

is anyone currently sick ?i know i do, i have a terrible cold :( so i hve to rest at home fr two days , at first i thot it was h1n1 cause my throat suddenly bleeding and i also felt dizzy . creepy gila mse tu huhh, so i went to the doc and thnks god it was just a nrmal little cold haha . fuhh LEGA :D so now im all alone sitting eating sleeping and wtching tv :) .oh yeah no books fr today .haha , waahhh really do miss hgout with my babes, seems tht evrybdy has better things to do . well, jst wnted to say tht IMISSYOU GUYS ! MUAH MUAHHHH !okay enuff fr today ,haha :) i need to rest nw . bye bye