Friday, November 20, 2009


alio, :)
so im currntly hving my spm . i jst finished my bm and bi and yeahh SEJARAH hahahaha.:)))) gembira tk trhingga kut. sumpah rase mcm nk nangis :') HEHEHE. next week is math,addmath and agama, damnnn wish me luck okay syg ?:) well gtg den da memekak mntak lptop busuk dia. hee daa :)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

da jgn sibuk

2 days more people ! :)) HAHAHA
weii stop reading my blog bleh tak mista "" , you're not allowed pun . haha .sorry.

Friday, November 13, 2009

today :)

geez spm lagi berape jam away je. but smehw im okay with it haha i mean i dn feel nrvous shit o whtsoeva. i just cnt wait to end this. 8 disember at 3pm im gonna scream at the top of my voice mannn:P officially MERDEKA fuhhhhh, really gila tak sabar. haha. okay daaaahh. oh , i just fnish sj frm4 .gila tak? gila kan. haha. tak sangka:') well as much as i hate sj i hve to read it fr the sake of spm haha. i cant stdy at home cause lots if gangguan , damnnn .so ive been stdying at libry and mcd . :) well talk bout my damn life, im still single baby ! GILA BABI PROUD hehehe.ade org tye , 'ayu, taknak cari yg baru ?' .'ayu tkde pgganti ke?' .'ayu can i wait fr you?' i replied 'NO ,NO , and NO ' sorry . ayu adila sudah tawar hati HAHA poyo je . tapi betul la , i had enuff la . MALAS nk cari ,MALAS nk flirt ,MALAS okayyyyy. i jst nak suka suka org jst like cinta budak tadika je. suka suka tapi buat bodo je . haha. way better mcm tu :) OHH , did i tell you wht im guin to do after spm ? haa okay time to list it baby :
1.menjerit dan senyum gila gilaa :) hbis spm kan ? haha
2.buang smua things yg ade kene mgena with spm:)
3.driving licence:)
4.decorate my room:) again:)
5.hngout with my babes smpai tk igt dunia:) new guitar, HEHEHE tak saba :')
7. guitar 24 7:) online online:)
9.cari keje ,maybe :)
10.away to aust :)
well itu hye sikit laaa, malas nk list panjg pnjg . ha prasan tak evry list ade smile ? yela itu mggmbrkan bahawa ayu sudah tidak sabar untuk mmbuat prkare prkare yang trsenarai di atas ini .HAHAHA. alrite guing to kenduri kwin skjp . later :)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

in blues

hello there, hai. im here gain writing the crap out of me .so it has been a long month i guess, there are too many things happend around me and smtimes i didnt realise it until pple told me , cn u imgine hw cn i put myself into this? in one month:31 days i've been struggle and duing stuff tht i shouldnt do. i've done smthing bad actually and only a few pple knew bout it. but smehow i dunt regret,it was like i did it cause im sick of evrything,so nw i jst go with the flow and put myself into silent .all i knw is when they laugh,i laugh more. they sad,i cry.they mad,i pissed.humm, obviously this is nt a prfect fairy tale anymre. evrything stop and quickly turns to nightmare. pple, pay attention,this is wht LIFE all about. right? humm , well things happen fr a reasn, huh.bullshit la kan. dammnnn, well off to stdy .

Monday, November 2, 2009


it is the end of a sad movie . humm.