Saturday, July 31, 2010


finally its august ! yeahhh i hv lots of stry to tell you bout, first of all im glad tht ive finally made myself cmfrtable stdying in lkw. lkw is the best i must sayyy ! so far so good :) i love lkw :') haha. ive made a nmber of friends, they are cool and fun to hang with ,and also the seniors are so hndsome&beautiful auww :P love it. the lectures are so cool , they even asked us to trnsform ourselve to become more creative in nor outside of us . ill try my best to take a step ahead from wht ive being now , being more creative of course:) but im a lil tired since ive to drive all away long . it tooks me bout 25 minutes to reach there, fuhhhh and last two days i nearly crushed in accident! thnk god it ws just a little bumped "-.- . on friday night we had 'a night to rrmber' in lkw, it is a part of the orientation. so i gt a lil annoyed w these pple who said 'this is horrible' ,'apa nak jadi' and bla bla bla, yeahhh i did put some pictures where they were dncing and all tht. and these pple commented w a stupid statement. WELL HELLO THERE, LET ME TELL YOU SMTHING, OVER 70% OF THEM ARE INTERNATIONAL , MEANS MOST OF EM AREN'T MUSLIM, SO WHT U EXPEXT? OBVIOUSLY THEY ARE PRETTY GOOD W PARTY, DUHHHH, '-.- they were just having fun, like you also. dnt tell me you never went to club,concert or gigs?most probably you will dance like hell, so tell me you're the same as them aite? only the different is tht u're MUSLIM and they are NOT. so whose being horrible now? tell me. so dnt jdge others, look at urself first dummy. dnt jst simply says 'lkw students are horrible' duhhhh wht a joke . ive step on it, and things are okay. if there are so called a horrible place, then why they become one of the best in asia?surely dn wnt to brag,it just, duhh these pple smtimes really do get on my nerves, imagine if i talk bad bout your college, surely you will be pissed too . so shut your mouth, you never know whts guin on in there, so dnt simply talk. haishhhhh "-.- , well move onnnn. humm, my first class strt on this mnday, cant wait to learn new thing:) well thts all ! xoxo

Monday, July 26, 2010


so today turns out to be a hell good day :) finally i did step on into the new world, thumbs up then ! :) it ws amazinggggg seeing lots of intrnational student, all of em are so handsome and beautiful auwww :P their dress up are so cool and sexy auwwww again :P i did enjoy the moment lol. i did make a new friends, so tmorrw lets the orientation begin ! :) can't waittttt, start from tmrrw until saturday, and the best part is theres no rule on wht to wear and i cn skip the orientation. :D thts pretty much a good news, and on the last day they will bring us to the fashion show -.- (?) tht's weird. haha. will update more soon ! xoxo :)

Sunday, July 25, 2010


dear diary (which is not private at all,lol )

tmorrow ill be heading to lkw ,finally the time hs come! kind of nervous -.- pretending to chill ,lol. but these aren't the reason why im writing this.actually im such a mess right now, i couldn't think properly and i swore i wnted this to end before who knows whts cuming but unfrtunately it didnt. so i hv to deal w this when im stdying,duh im sure its guing to bother me a lott! hateee it. but couldnt blame all of it ,i shud blame it on me since im the one who let it in on the first place but anyhow im glad to do so, (headache-.-) well wht i mean is if i dnt let this guin in my head i wont be happy as i am before, so yeah it did made me happy once but not now, hoping it would again (!) most probably you wont undrstand wht i am talking bout aite? tht's great for you to not knowing the real situation is :). only me who knows the drama,lol. haishh im such a hypocryte , not to others but to myself . pretending tht evrything is fine as it looks like. *fake smile. see? i am hypocryte -.- , soo as i mention before, im sad . and i really wish tht whts on my mind rite now could come true soon. the faster the better ! pleaseeeee, i need this. i dnt wnt to loose it again , omgeeeeeeeeeee !actually i cn hv it back BUT if i do tht, this wont give any lesson, and it might happen again, so as much as i hate to wait fr it, i must do smthing fr the sake of us.ill let my ego side do the job ,-.- well duh just hope fr the best, or else ill crack ,really nt a big fan of it (!) ---.---

Sunday, July 18, 2010


there's so much crazyness happening around me lately but in a good way of course :) im pretty much love this moment. next week ill be heading to lkw and i hv to be fully prepare fr whts cuming. i did meet new friend who currently studied in lkw too plus she also take the same course as mine, its quite nice to hve smeone who is in my course too. her name is anne and she's cool. cant wait to meet her in prson this 26 july! oh last two days i only slept fr 2 hours -.- , i really really wnt to pop off to sleep but i cant ! it ws like my eyes were being cntrolled by some devils -,- (?) but then today im over slept. haha :)) off to sleep at 11 and woke up at noon,after around 2 pm gladly i went down again until 7 (WTH AYU?) im tired can you see tht ? i need to cover up wht i missed :P so now im fresh,its 2 am and im still fresh :) thts why im writing this crap since i got nthing and nowhere to go . guess thts al fr today . xoxo .

Friday, July 16, 2010


i am lost. i miss my friends. 2010 has been the year with full of noth-iiing, dull and plain. gotta say ive spend a lot of my time stying at home , sleep late , eat a lot, and lotsss of cinema. study is the least. haha. ive been in hols fr a quite a time,this is the perfect time fr a vacation . need to rest my mind from all the mess, why bangi taada pantai? why?-.- , daym im out of mind . nak pegi pd? but too lazy to drive . can smeone take me there? pleeasssseeeeeeee, nak pergi beach :( rindunyaa .nak blik kampung la, they gt pretty beach . but then no can do laaaaa, by next week already off to stdy .and sudden now u finally figured this out? im such a mess. off people, OFF .

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


limkokwing here i come darling :))))) finally ! wuut wuut~

Monday, July 12, 2010


my thaught need a fully rest, im so fed-dupp people, how am guin to deal w this ? trust me im nt 'miss oh you can hndle it' im pretty lost rite now, thinking all the probs really gimme the tension. i dnt knw wht to say anymore, ill keep on silent as long as i can. they would say 'ayu,sooner or later u hv to face this,you cant runaway' duhh, i knw tht! , but im nt the who causing prblems, and sudden im the one who got stuck and hv to deal w this , so trying to be more responsible out here, im nt guin to keep on silent instead im guin to make it stop! pfffft gtg.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


some people would say 'ayu its guin to be all fine, you can do it' other would say 'if you take this as a joke u'll end up being nothing' and also this 'its okay fr you to make a mistakes,this is how you strt to learn from it' so im hardly cnfuse w all of ws the sme thing as last year, your teacher,your parents would say 'if you didnt come out w a flying colours in your spm, u'll be dead' but actually its not even close . who says spm is the end of the line? 'death' is the only deadline, as long as we live we still cn keep up on wht we hv missed. i once believe in those words where if you dnt pass spm u'll be nthing, but alhamdulillah i did past, but if you look it thru every aspect, people who didnt manage to pass is nt a loser, at least they tried their best or they did took the challege, thou they didnt success like others but doesnt mean they cnt be a successful prson one day. its all depend on each individual. i did sme research where most of the richest man in the universe did not being marked as the 'best student' or 'the brain' , but instead they were called as the naughty kids . kids who alwys made a mess or to be known better the 'class clown' . most of pple would criticized them as a loser, zero future . but now look where they stand ? they become the president, a successful businessman or owns one of the biggest house. so you see do nt judge a book by its cover,they might look messy but all it matter is the creativity and the thoughts. you got both of em ill ensure u cn be one hell success person :) so dnt take it serious when people saying bad things bout you, rmmber you're the only one who knows the real you. so deny all the words, and fight it back by showing the opposite meaning of wht pple hv said bad bout you.
*its funny when i start to write out wht i hv in my mind and will end up as a motivation,lol
sorry if there is an error, weak in grammar and spelling too,lol .


hello diary,
i hv 15 days left before entering the new world. im so excited and at the same time im soo freaking nervous XP guess god already set up his plan,hoping it will be easy to handle it currently im alone, evrybody are hving a great time without me , they did ask me to join em but unfrtunately im nt in my best mood, plus i need a rest. so i decided to rest at home. my dad once asked me to strt digging a lil bit bout mascom since im guin to learn it, but until nw i still hv no clue wht is the definition of mascom.oh shoot !okay dad i'll start digging it now :)). oh ya! all of em said 'you betta enjoy the time u hve left ,or else u'll regret it and when u gt bsy w assignment the u will scream I NEED A REST ' hihi. yes people i will . but i already gt bored w hols , cant believe i would say this but I CANT WAIT TO LEARN NEW THING :) alamak, i am now dead
-.- dead of idea to write. (what the?) gtg, xoxo muah ! :)

Thursday, July 8, 2010


twilight saga is the best ! omgeee they are so HOT ! i am melting people :') it ws worthwhile to spend rm11 fr this .told you it ws an awesome movie ! see these is the kind of movies we shud watch, im willing to spend another rm11 to watch it over again and this time w double chicago beef' auwww :) SO PEOPLE IF YOU HAVEN'T WATCH IT YET HURRY GRAB EM' PURSE AND RUN TO THE NEAREST CINEMA YAWW! :PPPP

so ill take this oppurtunity to tell you tht if i were kriten stewart which im not :P stop it people , ive said 'if i were' haha. i would choose to be w jacob the werewolf cause you see both of em are awesome and hndsome of course xp, but if i would see it on my side, ill risk my life fr someone who im in love with, so according to this stry, she's in love w both of em so u see its nt like a nrmal girl who need to choose one normal guy, this is diff, its either u choose to be w vampire or werewolf (it is pretty damn hard) so as you knw edward is the vamp and jacob is the werewolf, i would choose jacob as i said before cause first he's hot and own a hot body xp . hahaha. then he's a wormblood and whenever he turns to werewolf it ws amazing and i ws impressed by it compared to edward, wht he got ws only a glow on his face *lame. haha .and plus if ill choose jacob i dnt hve to die, i can be in love and also still cn enjoy my life as a human being. thou werewold kinda stink a lil but duh ill get over it soon. hihi. and yeah one more thing i dnt hv to kill people's life fr the sack of em blood . :) so ill choose my darling jacob . :p haha. well thts pretty much it. done, go see it NOW ! and make your decision ! done --crap :)


Tuesday, July 6, 2010


dear diary,
currently its raining out here, feel the wind blow fuhhhhh (i like) since the astro said 'service is unavailble' so i i decided to write em'. its 2.47 pm and i miss him so bad :( , its weird in such way, im nt used to be like this and ill get annoyed easilly w man, but somehow i dont this time. i really love him and thts kind of freak me out (!) but on the other hand im glad to do so . we didnt actually knew each other before, he was absolutely stranger who sudden came into my life by saying 'can i be your friend?' and i seldom believe in such words, cause ill choose my friend , not saying tht im too choosy but duh evryone need to choose friends or else u'll end up being good or being bad. so myself said 'do not give this man a chance' but then after a few days i ws a lil bit trying to figured out who is he? and why sudden he ran into my life at the right time, fyi i did say this 'this time i'll wait fr a complete stranger to knock the door of my heart' and suddnly he did tht. and without saying a single word i called him back fr the first time. haha. we talked over and over again and soon we enjoyed each other's company. u see he did made me happy and i was smiling at tht time :) god did listen . hihi.and now im officially w him, he ws once a stranger and now he's part of my life. he's different in his own way and tht is the reason i want to be w him . i love you.

Monday, July 5, 2010


dear diary,
im grateful fr everything tht hv cmpleted my life. thnk you fr giving me the super awesome parents (Y) , cool cuzy(s) and true friends, and thank you fr meeting me up w him. i couldn't ask fr more. thank you god.and i hope these would never change, and please do not take em' away from me i swear god i cant live wthout them. they are the reason why im still living my life until today.ill ensure evrything would be perfect as they are. :) thanks again. xoxo


please dnt make me give this to you :( do not let me down. ily.

Sunday, July 4, 2010


i miss them so bad. :( i miss joking around w them, miss laughing and miss evry moment we had. i used to say hw much i wnted school over and finally it did come true and too bad i started to miss em bad :( i miss woke up 6.30 in the mrning and had to go to school , the moment i entered the gate ill cursed a lot. haha. and then had to climb to the fourth floor, omgee tired enuff! went to classroom and met them who i call a friend, we had so much memories, weather its bad or good we were still enjoyed evry moment of it. and yes who can frget the teachers? all of em are super awesome. i miss pn marminah so much, fyi i used to hate pn.marminah haha nt bcause she ws cruel it jst tht i ws so freak out when it comes to her. i would ran away evrytime i saw her. hahaha. , she was my addmath teacher thou, smtimes i did had a goosebumps when i bump into her.what a chicken=.= and now she's my favs teacher and i really love her so much :) hihi. you would probably shock if i would say i miss BERATUR KAT DALAM DEWAN :'))) w all the girls, i think i had enuff w hols, ive been in hols fr 7 months already and really get bored w it. i dn own a job and eventually i hve nthing to do instead of lying on my bed. and to make it more sad, all of em are gone, and i hv nobody to hangout w. this 26 july ill be away too. to summarize em up, all i gotta say is I MISS SCHOOL, I MISS MY FRIENDS,I MISS HOW WE USED TO BE.