Wednesday, June 30, 2010


So, as I mentioned in one of my previous post ---ill be away this 26 july . hope evrything will be fine.guess im all alone waiting to be called and hv to deal w orientation. really nt a big fan of it, but however i hve too,urgh im nervous like hell ! "dear god,help me and help me ! " fuhhhhhh. *nagging. move on, u're nt guin to believe this but i haven't watch toy story3 yet , *bump on the head. yes people, freak out enough?. supposedly i watch it w him but unfrtunately it ws nt my lucky day, *still nagging.and now my mood already flew away .*this time more nagging. humm so much of ty3 drama-,- . mybe ill watch it thru online or cd. so not cool, not a loser ouh geez poor me *nagging again. currntly im nt feeling hyper like i used to, guess lots of things did messing up my mind,i dnt even ask fr this to happen .i cant take full blame of it. need to swing my mood away fr a while. anybody wanna join me? AWAYYYYYYY AWAYYYYYYYY AWAYYYYYY

N A G G I N G *:)

Monday, June 28, 2010


okay fuhh im trying not to eat too much . im overweight -.- and the worst part is i gt only 30 more days to loose em. can i do it? haishhhh it supposed to be 1 month before but because of my degilness i didnt manage to do it on time. and now im pretty much rushing things up. i dn wnt to keep up w un-healthy diet., i hv to eat its a must. but this time in a small quantity . the diet start tonite ! i already strted it :) . hope ill mnage to end it ! so guys help cheer me up ! be my cheerleader diet :))))))) love, xoxo.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


im in my dad's office currently waiting fr him to go home . im being so mengada nak follow daddy pegi keje .well whts not to like, his office is in bb and whenever he gt busy ill culik his driver fr a while and took me shpping around bb. walaweeiiiii memang ayu ni kn. ish ish. haha. and somtimes i do ask fr him(daddy) to accmpany me . yes, my daddy sgt sporting gituuu :) haha *gedik. so i bought two clothes, murah gila and i was like :D yet lawaa. and OHHHH ive found a perfect bag for me !! IT IS SOO CUTE :') but then its 400 plus :( oh geez penat pujuk daddy belikan haha *teruk btul, then he said 'i already bought you one kan? ' MEMANGLAAA , humm tkpe tkpe ill pujuk my dad beli jgk or perhaps get a job mybe? dpt duit tuuu ,one month like rm900, ive asked this one donut punya kedai (ape punya ayat nii) and accrding to her one month boleh dpt 900 .omgeeee boleh beli double bag tu 0_0
hahahaha. gila betul . alamak lupa nk take a snap of tht bag -.- kalau tk boleh paste kt sinii, haha
*mengada. oh i tgh online kt blik kwan my dad :) ceroboh sebentar. haha, its okayy kwan daddy outstation. and somehow ive imgine kan bagus if im the boss.i own this table and this room :P da mcm bussinesswoman-.-. its okay insyallah i cn hv my own office room someday, and i want it in purple, HAHA :) alrite gtg byebye

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


so now im sad .hum i jst wnted evything to be fine. they come and go,really had enuff w them and yes these words always be my day word. but i seldom believe in it. i knw i let 'weak' took over me. in the outside i may look like a girl who is pretty much didnt care when it comes to relationship but nobody realizes tht im fragile, i didnt get the fact why im putting myself in this situation.some days i think ive got everythin all figured out, and other days im like, wht the hell is going on? duhh sometimes its okay to careless, dnt hve to figured all up , all we need to do is live the life without worrying about nthing. this world does not revolve around us, we need to keep our head straight up . actually, im pretty much lost right now. i dnt knw wht the hell im crpping bout but it did help me to calm down. do you ever wonder why people give second chance to others? as fr me i dn believe in such thing, you alwys heard this term involve in a relationship where most of girls give second chance to pple they love, but wht if this second chance did nt make the situsation better? isn't it just a waste of time, and clearly it hurt twice. and somehow pple get over it. if this happen to me im sure i dnt hv the guts to frget and move on just like tht. its stupid do you see tht? why would we wasting our time giving pple second chnce as you knw tht this prson will nt even appreciate it.and to make it more hard, we cant see things ahead of us. we dn knw weather this prson will evntually change themselve or being the same. the only way to find out is give them another try. its a good thing if they did change but felt sorry fr someone tht hv to deal w pple tht wont to say it takes a lot of guts to do so. it doesnt count how many miles you run ,you might think you hv end this insanity but we're just avoiding it fr a while, this life is like a circle, how far u run or how far you go you will soon get yourself into the same situation over and over again . its the way of life, yes you cn change it by only thru believing in urself and be strong in order fr you to keep ur feet on the ground. and yeah one more thing,believe in yourself before believing others. its a huge transformation. hum guess thts all i hv in mind. lots of mix up .humm im a lil bit down bout smthing ,and i need it to let it all out. feel a lil better right nw. gtg. tc people.

Sunday, June 20, 2010


howdie people :0 howya duin ? weiiiiiishh didnt gt the chance to post a long one ----- . good news i hv mood to strt crpping around :8) currently im feeling much better so high five me! i hv my fams,friends,and i hv him . i love youu like a big fat kid loves chocolates, weheeeuuuu:P today is 20 jun means tht i hv anotha 27 days before off to study *love. cant wait to study ! cant wait to meet new people, cant wait to live a life as a college student *thumbs up! oso cant wait to meet international student wuhuuuu 0-O :) , hope tht this uni tht im guin to is worthwhile. 26 july is guin to be a day w full of suprise and nervous! *dup dap dup dap. hoping fr the best . enuff w this and lets move onnnn. i miss my friends -.- (aqila,fana and putri) these three pple ive not seen fr 2 weeks suda. rinduu. :( lets hgout shall we? jst gimme a call okay drling. duhh done crapping -.-
*sikit ni je? call it long enuff(?) :D

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


on her way to collect money :)

Monday, June 14, 2010


im back with a smile drawn in my face :) im glad ive finally put aside all the shits ! *clap your hand please, :) okay here it goes, im glad tht he promised to change and i hope he will . hum the last post ive mentioned bout hw dissapointed i am w him and im being so stupid fr letting him in but actually im glad to do so, im glad knwing him. ill take back all the words and try to be more positive :). ive been single fr 1 year and a half . and yeah i did got myself in a reltionship status but it ws just a couple of weeks, so guess its im guin to see weather he change or not, and if he does fr sure ill be glad to be w him officially:) well so far so good,lets see more shall we :) OH i had a weird dream last night, a really WEIRD one. and if its come true im nt sure weather i cn hndle it. :( well thts all fr today. tc .

*did you notice hw much i put the word 'glad' in today's post? :) CLEARLY I AM GLAD

Saturday, June 12, 2010


its hard fr been in a chpter all alone, wishing he would jump into the same chpter as mine and end it w a great ending. but turns out it was nt like wht ive imagine. another bump on the head again ayu :'(

Friday, June 11, 2010




nur farhan atiqah told me not to fall w boy's crappy lie, thnks sayang fr that .i feel sorry fr her, dear u hve to be strong in order to survive. i knw u hurt so bad but u're a smart girl, surely u cn think wisely. if tht person really care bout u and loves u as mush as u did he wont do the shit in the first place. well duh mybe it cn be frgiven if it is the first time but drling no hell fr the second time. if its happen again shoot girl u hve been sign up into the GAME WORLD. *if you knw wht i mean -.- , so chill . i knw its hard to let go smeone who is pretty much involve in evrythin you do but also u need to think bout urself too. do not make urself being in miserable, its disturbia i tell you. so all i gotta say is try to leave all the shits behind and move on . strt to write a new book ,thou the first one did nt cmplete then wht the heck jst let it be. no crime fr unfinish chpter aite? :) so write a new one and this time make sure its worth it. dnt wrry drling true love do exist, u gotta keep tht on ur mind. sooner or later the one who is meant fr you do come.


Thursday, June 10, 2010


well duh i keep on listening the same song over and over again . some how i addicted by it. its paramore 'the only excption' . if im nt mistaken since last month i strted to get crazy w the song. weird huh? yeahhhh -.- . humm i did play it by guitar and i keep on plying it until now. thou sounds like a frog but heh wht the heck , im the only one there and oh mybe my fams did hear me sang. HAHA. wuupsiee ! whenever i gt bored ,alwys grab my guitar and strt strumming it. even my dad said 'ayuuu, can you do smthing else rather than jst plying tht thing' ,' ehem dad, what else shud i do? im bored to death and this is the only thing tht cn keep me from guin crazy(w a smile of course) ' haha see, my guitar is my life, my boyfriend :) it will be there fr me when i gt bored or sad. see this is the type of byfriend tht i need. A GUITAR . hummmm sound a lil bit crazy ? yes indeed-.-
i fall in love w it. okayyyy, ayu you strt to creep urself up ! hehe:)well duh alrite then, my guitar is my SOUL . thts it. so now im currently alone, time to strum it ! hve a nice day people , ":)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


i miss youuuu :( but wuhuuu me i dnt knw whose tht prson is. i gotta say i hv two or three people tht i kinda miss,still searching fr this person. gahh weird :| so imma guin to avoid from being too weird"-.- so lets moveee to other things shall we? hum i jst cme back frm cinema, LBS did make me cry :( grrrr, u shud go and see it. and yeah betta off u see it w ur friends rather than ur boyfriend,trust me ! it will be a hugeee disaster if u watch it w him, why is tht? duh, figure it out yourself . omzee what the hell ayu ? sorry guys got a brain damage'-.- .hum well lack of idea . later people !

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


so here's the thing. STOP STALKING ME CAN YOU? and yes we didnt knw each other but its weird when i find out you're pretty much a faker, actually u knw lots bout me . HAHA call it desperate. YES YOU ARE . i barely know you and it suprising me to knw afta all this while u're busying collected info bout me . *LAUGHING . so tell me whose being hypocrite and desperate ?:)

*deny my words? but then i wnder why you open my blog this time?deny it again, DUH LIKE U SAID BEFORE U DNT EVEN KNW ME SO WHT THE HELL ARE YOU DUING NOW?STALK ME AGAIN AND AGAIN? HAHA WHAT A FAKE :)

Monday, June 7, 2010


am i the one who need being tested? or you are? as far as i knw im not the one who causing problems. you did, yes i pointed at you! i dn get the fact why you being like this? i barely knw you ,we suppose to become better but guess wht its worst than ever. u keep lying on my face and i wnder why? it is bcause u love me? OHSHOOT this is the first time i deal w someone who showed his love thru lie . you knw i hate liars but why are u becoming one of them? actually im nt sad instead im relieved. finally god shows the real you. yes,THE REAL YOU. i dn need someone like you entered my life and you dn even deserve my second chance ! but wht the heck im being asshole before and letting you in . and i gt to admit tht was my biggest mistake! call me cruel? i dn give a damn. all i need you to do is earn my trust. is it hard fr you to do so? see, this is the problem w guys, they cant tell us the truth. we wont bite you , we jst wnted you to be honest ,be a good man fr a sec. sacrifice a little would you ,well i dnt think its necessary to call it as 'sacrifice' ,more suits is a MUST term.when u're in a relationship u MUST be honest w each other, no option. and this MUST term alwys be the hrdest thing to fulfill.its nonsense in some way. so to make it clear, dont ever contact me gain. and i took all the things tht u hv said to me as a LIE . all of it. i forgive you and please dnt disturb me again.
*and if you pissed w the post, WELL SORRY. just another beautiful gameover.


so jst got back from movie. went there w lilbrotha and paan along . 'nightmare on elm street' was okay :) at least i dn feel regret watching it . so yeah to freddy ! actually i ws being so out of cntrol, supposed i watch it yestrday but dnt hv cmpany : soo today was like 'I NEED TO SEE IT TONITE -.-' so i pushed my brotha to watch it w me then he said yes , geez i love youuu :) ! haha so cant wait to watch it. so we off at 8.30 and the movie strt at 9 , so paan was like 'book tickets tk?' and i ws like ' chill, today is weekdays, so must be tk ramai org punyaa:)' BUT THEN ---.----
IT WAS A LONG QUEUE ,duhhhh cam BAB IIIII . felt like crying and yeahh i did a little ! geez shame on you gsc.(what?) haaa so i did calm and queue like others, then when it was our turn . me was like PLEASE GOD, HELP ME *w the crack face . then miracle happend! they got only 3 seat left which its a good seat so me was head over heels ! :P haha miracle do happen rite? so we gt to watch it:) HIHI. so next shows would be lagenda budak setan (shhhhh, its a cool movie!) ,karate kid,she's out of my league,the twilight saga :eclipse ,and toy story 3 :)

*did you notice hw much i put the word 'so' in today's post?'HAHA :)

Sunday, June 6, 2010


i need a job at least fr 30 days please-.- total desperate. need a job ! lack of money and lack of things to do. im bored by duin nothin.all i do is watch some movies, survey,and go out . THTS IT I NEED A JOB '-.- , can someone help me w this? i want money so i cn spend it all. (WTH) hihi. yeahh im a shopaholic people. hummm gtg. need to think on how i cn get lots of this green beutiful paper.

Friday, June 4, 2010


i wnt to webbycam w my gilrfiess :P i jst cnt get enuff w them.wuuuuu missing evry single of them :') i love you girls&dudes too. u brighten up my day , i gt lotsa friends out there but still im w youu. i love you. wanna kiss? MUAH. girlfriends, please wake up and run away from ur jerk boyfie's shadow-,- it jst wont make evrything better. *i repeat BOYFIE and EX-BOYFIE too :). FRIENDS are all matter , not BOYFRIEND. they are just pple who sudden got involve in your life.they dunt hv the right to cntrol your life. WAKE UP MY DEAR, stop this insanity ! stand up and take cntrol of your life back ! dnt let this guys hunted you by your own tears. stop letting tears because of them. we shud be strong grilfiess.we'll see by the end of the day whts left is us(girl) . byfriends come and go girl. dnt let a guy ruin your life. it is jst a waste of time. im nt saying tht u shudnt be in love . im just trying to say tht,

you can be in love, but dnt let the love term beat your own self up.

"if you knew tht he's a jackass, then LEAVE him . dnt wrry girls, they are plenty of nice hot college guys who are thrilling to go out w you. :)



hello citizen :) . currently im really in a good mood so yeay me:P! cheers fr me people , BIG LOVE :* so tday i met dania and ika . hs been a long time since our last met :) they both in mscom so i ws vry excited to hear bout mscom frm them :) so yeah i gt the basic info bout it. :p and i knw ive made the right choice by picking mscom as my course .so again yeay me :P ! 'can you stop being too happy ayu? u might get sad aftaward.' -.- hummmm yeahh i wish i cn be like this evryday. dnt hve to wrry bout anything.sometimes its gud fr us to careless. start to care bout urself fr a split of second and mybe evrything will be fall on ur side. tht's awesome huh. 'so ayu now u being emo?' -,-
WTH crap im duin it again ! geez ayu wake up please! thnks pple i love you:* and dn wrry im okay .to yazmin yusoff i knw u're guin thru tough time but jst rmmber one thing tht WE'LL ALWAYS BE ON YOUR SIDE NO MATTER WHAT HAPPEN so dnt wrry you friend :)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


yazmin yusoff, amalina shaifol jamal, maryam arbakariya,amalina ismail&syahin weng(?) .HAD LOTS OF FUN W THEM YEST :DD muah muah kiss to all of you on the cheek :) all of em mising is 'aqilah bakhtiar jamilee, nurfarhana aziz,atiqah anuar and putri intan hzwani BUT dn wrry already spent time w them except putri -,- she ws busy w her boyfie DUH. see i rmmber my friend's full name :') isnt it awesome? hihi. *mengada la . so my sayang sayang cant wait to go out and dating ramai ramai lagi :') this time no guys are allowed okay :D GAHAHA. so imma stop now, off to eat -,-
what? NO ! okay okay pssstttt off to watch some muvies. 0,0 hee. toodles !


apa cerita my-space saya? not my-space, its MYSPACE yg mcm facebook tuu. 'ek elehh we're not tht dumb la ayu -,-'. duhhh(?) haha. yeahhh sorry guys saja mggedik sikit :8) soo as i ws sying its been a long time since i open myspace acc. i got addicted w fb somehow-,- . pagi pagi fb. petang fb. semua full time spend kt fb, special sungguh fb ni-,-. BUT AYU bila nak ade bf plak? fb, bf(?) tettttt. people, people .stop talking crap. haha. i dn need a bf to srvive , i just need FB :) well i dnt need an entertainment to survive, or am i? 0.0 wuuuuu~ . geez wht happen w me ? sddnlly hyper tiba tiba. I NEED TO SLIM . enuff said :) .i knw u guys will deny my word, and smtimes so do i. but not again ! I HAVE TO GET INTO SHAPE WITHIN 2 MONTHS. possible it is ! :DDD thumbs up dudeyy. *insyallah boleh kurus :') . come pple join me? come comeee~ lalalala~