Saturday, January 30, 2010


am i the one who being snsitive ? or pple just dnt care bout me anymore. weird. am i too cruel? geez i dnt knw.really cant explain it.apa masalah korang ni? serius tak faham.and bout him lagi aku tak faham. tiba tiba lain. bullshit btul.da lah malas lah nak layan as if like im the one yang terhegeh-hegeh. damnn im done with these pple .

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


hello readers,
i decided to post something but eventually i dn hve anything in my mind , haha. but cause of the boring-ness im guin to start merapu , yes, its guin to be so merapu so better off no need to read lah unless u're too desperate to know bout me. haha. joking. so i am now sitting and typing the crap , hunger fr food ,desperately needed someone to take me away fr a movie i guess. but unfortunately nobody are willing to do tht . okay how sad :( since evrybdy are so busy with their things, well nvm . just wait until i get my own licence .haha! oh. im on diet, big word and big job fr me, haha. it aint easy okay, i mean you hve to cntrol ur passion on food. imagine tht u cn hve evry food tht u dream bout but cause of the "diet" thingy u cant even touch the food. even smell it is illegal . haha. how bad it sounds aite. but thts how it works,u want to loose some weight then u hve to do the 'hardest job' and tht is avoiding urself from a delicious sweet food. okay .got me .haha. thts wht im trying to do.tehee.and im duing this fr myself, nobody involve . just me and my belly. whts next yaa, err OH proudly to say tht im a lil closer to complete my little mission , haha. too excited ! one year staying as a single is something tht amazing hahaha. idc if pple thot it is so lamee. hehh,WHOATTEVEAARRRR . haha.i must say stying single is the best thing tht ive ever done .and i think im guin to keep tht status. :) believe me? well i think i can do it. yeahh, haha. merapu je kan. well this is wht happen to me since january . haha . hve nthing to do . try to get a job? well i try once and its not turn out very well. oh,one of my babe wnts me to join this baking class,cooking stuff . well tht is good idea since i dn hve nthing to do in my list .hum im guin to think bout tht. mybe ill join her. well later decide :). geez i got this one problem and i really dn hve any idea to solve this one . complicated. duhh, hve to do with my feelings and all tht and its involve a person, a guy .really mann i dnt know wht to do .humm i cant talk more bout this. BAHAYA .nanti trpecah rahsia saya . haha.shhh:p .well now its 1.10 in 'tha morning' haha.spanishhh-ish, what? okay merapu gila . ya allah.dah dah. humm since im done with school ive lost contct with lots of the dudes. but not with my babes laa, we are still strong. we are like covalent bond . haha. alrite, enuff with chem.thnks god im still keep in touch with my good buddies. i love you guys muah muah, and i know u guys love me too rite rite, hahaha :) well thts enuff fr tonite i guess . thnks fr reading .peace peace kacang peas :) LAMEEE. haha whtevahhhhh . :P

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

fresh start

I HAVE NOTHING TO SAY hehehe. :) one word tht describe all .and tht is
and yes tht is hw i feel, feeling GOOD baby. no school ,no lovelovelove and no tension at all. its only me ,family,babes,and guitar. haha. life's good . put a smile on it :)) . so i dv hve shits to talk bout. haha. okay, i just list out things tht i've been trying to do now, well nothing actually. errr errrr. em basically i just woke up then watched some movies,online, guitar,and then go shower then watch movies again then off to sleep . haha. some pple may say its BOR-INGG .but i dnt find it in tht kind of way. i kinda like it.hehe. oh i really really into this song ,

major hot ! HAHAHA. i like the melody the lyrics .this song is perfect enuff. haha i like it sooo much !