Friday, April 30, 2010




trully, :)

Thursday, April 29, 2010


heyyo im bored-_- grrrrr. why it has to be like this. i hv 2 mnths more to spend my boringg time duing boring thing err. i thnk i shud do smthing to fill up my time huh.wht kind of stuff ha? well lets see i can workout, but thts nt even fun at all -_-, mybe i cn learn to cook ? THEN ill eat a lot then ill get fat . no wayyyy enuff is enuff haha. hum then wht? go out? since i jst got my car but dn feel like guin out. too lazy to drive , penat noii.then? blogging? yeah i am now. and it still boh-ring ! i think i shud go on vacation but then next week already off to aust. wahhhh really cant wait to hug UMAR IDRAKI .i miss him! dn wrry my dear by next week here i come darlingg:) hihi. so goodbye my. BUT then i thot mybe its a gud idea if i spend my 2 months stying there. at least umar will be there. guess not tht bored. tapi tak boleh cause nnti si dia merajuk fr leaving him.haha .dn wrry sayang. i wont leave you :) . so basically im stuck by the word 'BORED' ,stands fr 'brain on rust easy done'. err, weird.


currently listening to 'when i look at you' by miley cyrus :) im sooo in love with the song!im nt a big fan of miley thou but i do like most of her songs . it is so meaningful to me :') HAHA. okay weird, well lets put tht aside, btw u shud go utubing and search fr miley and type when i look bla bla, then click and listen ! haha! come on pple do it fr me drlingss :)) come come and join meeee muahahahaa.out of mind . well i already dwnload it thou:). and i also like the lyrics, i like em all ! why do i gt so excited? blame min, haha after reading her crazy blog i gt like a million things to write bout, duhh really gives me the idea thou,haha. keling betul.weiiii i gain sme weight again i guess. blame mama, why u alwys cook so good ? why? daymmmm. hahaha. really need to workout gain! and this time make sure double the time . yeahhh :P so tht ill hv a daboom body woohoooiii 0-0, he shud be proud , err haha okay stop ayuu. hey y'all da listen blum lagu tu? cepatla bukak dengar ish . well if u tk suka tak kesalaaa . i dn care *) , humm iceskating pple? text me if u're intrsted :) tehe .
thnks fr all the wishes and the celebration darlings :) ILOVEYOUU


hey ,im nt sure bout putting me back on the love track. yeahh i did say im ready and i love him blablabla and yes i do love him but at the same time i dn feel like im duin the right thing. do you wanna be with him? yes,very much . but can i give my trust to him? no, duh i dnt know. it aint easy fr someone to earn my trust jst like tht.yeah i am complicated . fr one year and 2 mnths ive been living my life by the status single and it feel great.thou smetimes i wished to hve smeone but i dnt hve the guts to put my trust on them cause i had enuff with them. and im so nt ready to face another again. but now things totally change, im trying and open up the chance to someone tht might desrve it, and yes im glad i did tht.and if you ask me do i love this man? my ans is yes . i love him so much and im willing to give my all. but do i trust him? yes im this man loves you? humm he says he loves me but did he really mean it? the way he treat me well i cn say tht he's a sweet talker .is he being hnest? maybe, im nt sure and thts really scared me worried tht i cant put my trust on him. and nw i feel like im nt ready to commite. god, help me :(

Monday, April 26, 2010


hello boys and girls :) hs been a long time since my last post huh, kind of busy lately with sme stuff .actually i do hv lots to write bout so i think i might summarize them all up okay? :) fyi i jst opened my braces so im no longer wht pple called 'braces girl' :) yeahh ! well move on , i got like a million stuff to talk bout but im hving a lil bit jam nw-_- grrrrrrrr haha.humm OH i had fever last week and so making me felt weird stuff ,i even puke in my dad's car, horrible . uhh, actually i did some diet but turns out i got the fever so basically it mess up my diet . but i did manage to lose a lil weight :) but jst nw i ate MCD huhh. so much of the diet drama. hahaha. apa lagi? haa im still waiting fr college which im nt sure wht college am i guin to go. but i got a big feeling tht i might enter lkw cause my dad said so. oh did i tell you i already hve my own car muahahahahahahahhaa SUKA:p ,finally! okay,today is 26, only two more days until i turn 18 :) really cant wait pple, dn frget my present pple :D tihiii ! OHH the major news ever. me being one year and 2 mnths single has cme to the end drling:) muahahaha . im guin to hve a byfriend :) so im glad to finally found someone ! we'll be official soon. so i guess thts all ! im a happy person fr the time being :P hahaha! lalala~

Sunday, April 4, 2010


the word 'change' smtimes cn be a lil harsh.humm i dnt knw whts up with me but i kind of pissed off just now,lets say if you really like to mke friend with someone new u will accpted them by the way they are right? doesnt matter if they act like a tomboy or too girlish too crazy or too blurr ,its the way they are and u hve to accept it.i mean if u dn like the way they become then dnt make friend with them. simple as tht.dont ever change them.its only make things complicated.after all this year i dn hve any problem by the word 'change' until the last 2 hours. honestly,i dn like pple change me, and i know im stubborn.but i do know tht im okay by the way i am.its a small matter and yes u were right.but i dnt knw whts wrong with me smpai touching lebih. mybe i might begin to like you. duh,i dnt know . if you read this please dn ask me bout this post ever okay? im nt gonna say a word. well i accept your apology and im sorry too fr bringing this up.tht's , goodnite again and this time i really mean it.

Friday, April 2, 2010


happy birthday my dearest daddy :) ILOVEYOUUUU ! i hope you like my present,it aint easy to find the prfect present fr someone tht means lots to you. so im quite glad :) 2/4 my dad's birthdy,6/4 my scond bro's pulak,24/4 my first bro's then 28/4 which is my birthday muahahahahahihihiiii cant wait to turn 18 :) lets see who frgot my b'day, oh bad news. jst nw ive been told tht one of my old friend is in coma.just hoping tht he'll get better soon. amin. humm well i guess thts all. lack of idea.hee srry. thnks fr reading :)