Thursday, December 24, 2009

one time

im bored . bila nak dpt lesen ni? cant wait to goofing around , yet i really wanna go and watch cool movies but i dnt hve trnsport to go.i do hve frens tht own a car but i dunt feel like guin out with them haha no offense except aqila.(i miss hgingout with you).oh and now my heads are driving me nuts .not in the mood at all. the preview blog i mentioned bout duin after spm list but honestly i still didnt make it all true. kinda lazy . err idk. mybe when i hve the 'mood' to do it.ill do it . oh last 2 days it was fana's birthday .we went to klcc to suprised her . her boyfriend gave her a flower and a cake how sweet is tht aite? im happy for her. she's my bff thou :) . err i miss hangout with my babes loh . humm. later ill call them . rinduuu gila . oh prom baru je lepas ,its okay la thou lots of crazy things happend, i can say tht it was a failure but at the sme time agak happening jgk. so i do hve fun plus tired. the next morning i cnt even stand up on my own . the pain was all over my body. but nw its all gone. thnks bout licence, im waiting fr the computer test but its rescedule many times .according to uncle they are too many pple taking the test so they hve a slight probs . but its okay, i can wait . i just finished 500 ques, kinda proud HEHE.hummm you wanna noe wht i wanna do rite now? i feel like guin ice skating ! yeahhhh~ tht would be one hell good idea aite ? but i dn hve trnsport and yeah lack of money. geez, damnn bila nak dapt lesen nii . well i guess thts all fr today .

Monday, December 14, 2009

end of school year :)

HEHEHEHE. i am no longer a school kid anymore baby :) yes, i am growing up now . say goodbye to spm ! free from school. dn hve to wakeup at 6 anymore, no need to wear uniform, no need to bring backpack, no need to beratur like hell. hahahahaha OMG this is cool :') .so im the process to do my 'after spm list' HAHA. driving licence here i come ! jeng2:) i was thinking to get a job but i got this probs where im too lazy to do work. haha. aaa i figured it out soon. :) oh did i tell u tht im a bbysitter ! damn, i never thot tht being a bbysitter would be so tiring~ so basically tht's my job i guess, well tht's all fr now .